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Well you know it wouldn't be a SQUAREFLOOD without some ZEAL!! Omni-Psyence offers up a truly unique take on this source, incorporating live violin performances from Tera C. with very distinct, ornate, & clicky percussion. It takes a while for Cory to bring in a kick & more of a backbone to the groove, so the piece has a downtempo/ambient bent to it, which works well:

"Hey, y'all, dope Chrono Trigger remix incoming!! Definitely the most influential soundtrack of my early childhood, Chrono Trigger always brings back powerful memories and nostalgic feelings any time I play or listen to it. "Corridors of Time" in particular has an Eastern meditative trance atmosphere, and it inspires me still to this day in the music I create. This remix once again features Tera Catallo on violin, and she masterfully plays those silky smooth melodies this track is famous for."

Larry writes:

"Among VGM fandom, a Zeal arrangement hardly needs an additional hook to be compelling. But, oh man, DAT BEAT. From the jump, this one's different from any "Corridor of Time" rendition out there, as the opening groove added so much energy to the piece. Tera's on-point violin work grabbed for attention at every instance it was in play, and fit like a glove alongside Cory's non-organic instrumentation. While I was enjoying the echoing sound to this one from the start, the delay combining with the synths first used at 1:16 for the Zeal theme's chorus gave the mix a very futuristic/spacey vibe that I dug even more.

If you missed out on Omni-P & TeraC's first OC ReMix collab arranging Cory's soundtrack to Perfection., then don't be dense and go get it! These folks make a great team even when the source material isn't the nostalgia king that Chrono Trigger is, and I'm looking forward to the next jewel they've got in their collective crown."

There are more than a few things that differentiate this mix - from the sycnopation & structure of the drum groove, to the incorporation of live violin against a rather maximalist ambient soundscape, to the kickless extended intro, Cory's certainly done his part to put his own stamp on a tried & true standard of the VGM world. Great stuff, and a great way to end our flood of Square Enix ReMixes which, surprisingly enough, only included a single Final Fantasy mix!! Be sure and check out/pre-order Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call™ for MORE FF - it's a game we're truly proud to endorse as it puts VGM in the spotlight, front & center. Stay tuned for more mixfloods as September rolls along, and in the meantime enjoy these five superlative ReMixes!



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on 2015-12-04 16:49:05

The drums fit like a glove and the violin sounds great. Very interesting entrance for the melody. I really like how abstract yet smooth this whole mix is. Props for fitting the violin into a crowd of synthetic sounds. Really good remix.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-09-12 20:22:13

The mix is a bit trancey and spaced out for my liking, but the violin pulled me right back under the river of smooth sounds. Very, very well done.

on 2014-09-12 05:44:53

Very nice indeed!

on 2014-09-11 18:35:22

That violin. My goodness.

on 2014-09-10 11:39:04

The background beat had me hooked from the very first second. Spectacular violin work from Tera C, and the atmoshpere of this arrangement is just so dang pretty. I guess you can say this Jewel of Enhasa ReMix is quite the gem.

on 2014-09-09 20:31:23

Oh man... This was just a delight. Loved how relaxed it feels. It captures the mood of Zeal so well, in my opinion, and takes me right back to when I first arrived in that land of magical, floating islands and people so very laid back and confident in their hubris.

The bit of synth is great, and not so heavy as to throw it back to full 80's, which I really appreciate haha.

Nice snappiness to the percussion that doesn't hit too hard. It just feels really delicate, in spite of how well it moves.

That make sense? Anyhow, great work!

Melody of Light
on 2014-09-08 22:44:29

A delightful mix. I don't know that I'll ever get bored of hearing this song remixed, but this mix definitely did it justice. Nice work!

on 2014-09-08 15:33:56

Interesting soundscape. A touch washed out at times, but otherwise, this does stand out well against the other CT remixes.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2014-09-08 14:10:13

Loved it right from the first note. Gorgeous soundscape, catchy rythm, beautiful violin.

I love everything about this track.

on 2014-09-08 02:45:15

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"Corridor of Time"

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