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sschafi1 leads an all-star collaboration of VGM jazz enthusiasts with their classy, energetic, jazzy, swingin' twist on the Majora's Mask credits! Also cool to have an "indigo" piece finally fill out the ROYGBIV color spectrum here on OCR! sschafi1's Zora (Tribute) Band:

This was originally part of Materia Collective's FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask, but with it no longer up for sale, we're happy this piece has a long-term home right here. Though we're eons late in rolling this out (as always, 100% Larry's fault and responsibility when things get overlooked), I'm relieved that its departure from streaming services doesn't mean there's no eager audience out there to experience it. Sean's speciality is organizing and leading collaborative arrangements; big or small, it doesn't matter the roster size, the end result is always strong. This time around though, we've easily got sschafi1's largest gathering yet in an OC ReMix, guided by Sean's desire to color in the lines yet provide the performers ample room to explore:

"Here's a jazzy extended swing version of the Zora theme! I wanted to take the first part of the ending credits and expand it a bit, give chances for soloists to shine and change up the extended harmony a bit. It isn't too far removed from the original, but gives a fresh coat of paint on a classic tune.

Man, the musicians did such a great job with this! As always, credit where it is due! Amazing job, everybody! The other performers worked very hard and deserve to be mentioned here. Amazing performances all around!"

We're honored to have Chelsea McBride and John Robert Matz officially represented on OCR, as well as hear the Bobinski Bros. vibe together for 2:19's section. (Also, I see what you did there at 2:55, nothing escapes my notice! :-P) Together with Fredrik Häthén, DavidRussell323, dannymusic, insaneintherainmusic & DrumUltimA, Sean and crew have supplied a superior level of sophistication to the "Staff Roll"! :-) Judge Gario, who evaluated, knew this would be good, but with a roster of jazzassins like this, just look at his reaction:

"*Listens to the arrangement*

... Yup, my suspicions were dead-on; with a line-up like that, there's virtually no way it could be anything less than stellar.

Rather than taking something and making it into something new, per se, this takes the material given and runs it through it's full potential, in all of the best ways. Taking a soft barfly jazz piece and building a more full smooth jazz performance off of it is just what I like to hear.

Great work from everyone involved!"

Gario's dead on about how nicely the energy clicks to enhance Koji Kondo's great composition. It's interesting hearing Kondo's original piece, admittedly stilted and surprisingly slow for jazz, and then contrasting it with the ensemble's sprited live instrumentation, which offers up a more comfortable & energetic tempo, both for their more chill opening section as well as when things starting swinging at 1:40. Take your time listening through to hone in on the individual parts, the drums, piano, bass, and so on, so you can uncover and appreciate the fluidity and musicianship on display!



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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo , 2000, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo,Toru Minegishi
"Staff Roll"

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Electric Guitar,Organ,Piano,Saxophone,Trombone,Trumpet
Arrangement > Extended Soloing
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Production > Live Instruments
Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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