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  1. I got mine today; it took so long because it was a pre-order. Thanks, Kitty, for The Legend of Zeld: Art and Artifacts. It's fantastic!
  2. Could whoever was my secret santa please let me know (PM is fine) who you are and if and when you sent something? I'm not upset if you didn't, and not looking to shame you. I think that there's a problem with my mail not getting delivered properly, as I've had a couple other things go missing, so I want to know if your present was among them before I go to Canada Post. Thanks!
  3. Still nothing as of yesterday...
  4. Still waiting here too.
  5. No problem; it'll get here when it gets here!
  6. I wouldn't have gotten a League of Legends card for an arbitrary person, but I saw you had some forum posts mentioning that you played it, so that made it easy!
  7. Glad you liked it, Hyperion! I wasn't entirely sure what to go for, but figured that you can't go wrong with Zelda, right?
  8. Mine didn't give any interests at all, just t-shirt size. I found a few things that nearly any gamer would likely want, though, and one thing that I'm sure will appeal specifically to my person. I just got it in the mail over lunch today, and they can expect it within two weeks, I think.
  9. I missed this last year, but I'm in this year!
  10. I don't mind getting my ass kicked; I just don't want to drag you guys down. I'll almost certainly be really busy for the next while, but I've got your info, and Ryan's, and I'll catch up when things settle down.
  11. Ok, so I'll probably get my ass kicked repeatedly, then. It'd still be fun to play with other people though! I'll see how my schedule works out now; it's quite erratic right now for several reasons, but it should hopefully calm down before too long.
  12. Hey Ryan, is there place in your LoL gaming for someone who's basically a beginner to the genre? In the short term, I may or may not have time to play; I'm going through some pretty major stuff right now and it's hard to predict right now what any given night looks like. Longer-term though, I expect a ton of free time; with Will going to bed at 7ish, I'm usually free not far after 8 PM, even with going to the gym. I feel everyone's pain about how hard it can be to find friends, especially if you're a quieter, more introverted, type. I lost a few friends I had through leaving the church a year ago (I tried to stay connected with them, but they were just too busy for someone they didn't see regularly any longer; I played in the church band with them), and lost a few more by walking from a band I was trying to put together when it became clear that only two of the six of us had the skill and passion and time commitment to get where we wanted to go. It's tough to find people to connect with if you don't have common interests, or if a lot of your interests are things that you can only do alone. Having a kid makes things a lot harder for me as well. I need to work out some other things first, but I hope to be in a position before too long where I can try and pursue some other interests. My cousins who live 5 hours away have gotten me into Pub Quiz, weekly trivia nights in a bar; I'm sure I can find something local and hopefully meet some people that way. Got to try to stay positive!
  13. Nice, glad to hear it does just what you want!
  14. This is getting comical I didn't say that *you* said Komplete was on sale, or to look for it. That's why I said it was the point *I* was trying to make. They did indeed have Komplete on sale in the past. But sales on new (non-upgrade/crossgrade) versions of Komplete are rare, so don't count on it.
  15. Oops, you did say that. Sorry! The point I was trying to make is that they have had Komplete on sale before, but usually, it's just an upgrade version, so unless it's really close to the start of the summer sale or to Black Friday, there's probably no point waiting to see if Komplete will go on sale.