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  1. Newb Recording Question!

    You'll likely want one of these as well: http://smile.amazon.com/Hosa-CMP153-Cable-Inch-Dual/dp/B000068O3C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460787873&sr=8-1&keywords=1%2F8%22+to+dual+1%2F4 This will take your signal from a 1/8" headphone jack (which is what it sounds like you have right now), and convert it into dual mono, suitable for use with a UR22 or 2i2. That Behringer interface you're showing has a fundamental problem, which is that you can't guarantee that the two inputs on it will be reasonably exactly the same level. One's a mic/line (the XLR with a hole in the middle), and the other is an instrument (the regular TRS-looking plug) input. The instrument input actually is at a different impedance than the other one, which is great if you're going to plug a guitar into it or something but not so good if you want a stereo recording with what you're doing. Like Neblix said, you'll just want to manually move the knobs until they're about the same. Or, if you're lucky, you'll be able to keep 'em all the way down, turn your Roland unit all the way up, and hopefully the gain is such that you don't even need to amplify it any extra. The reason you wouldn't just want to use the adapter you currently have (that takes 1/8" to 1/4") is that you'll be, best-case scenario, losing the right-hand channel if you just plug it into one input. Worst-case scenario you'll get some crazy phase issues, since that input will be expecting a balanced signal (the same thing on both channels, in a certain phase), and not a stereo signal. Here's a blurb I stole fromhttp://www.portlandmusiccompany.com/balanced_unbalanced.php "A Balanced cable contains two identical wires, which are twisted together and then wrapped with a third conductor (foil or braid) that acts as a shield. The term "balanced" comes from of connecting each wire to identical impedances at source and load. This means that much of the electromagnetic interference will induce an equal noise voltage in each wire. Since the amplifier at the far end measures the difference in voltage between the two signal lines, noise that is identical on both wires is rejected. The noise received in the second, inverted line is applied against the first, upright signal, and cancels it out when the two signals are subtracted. This also prevents noise and ground issues in the signal and allows to run much longer cables without problems." Basically, the preamp is looking for something identical but phase-inverted, so plug a stereo signal into that at your own risk.
  2. Newb Recording Question!

    A Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or Steinberg UR22 might be worth looking into. Those are a couple of home studio grade USB interfaces, complete with clean preamps and proper driver support. They'll set you back $150 apiece, but they're quite worth the expenditure. A little USB dongle is unlikely to include the necessary hardware for good, clean audio processing.
  3. @ Anyone who reads this thread and wants to give advice: don't do it. It's a trap. This guy will not dialog, and will only keep asking more ridiculously open-ended questions.
  4. OCR03323 - Mega Man 8 'Aerobotics'

    those tom fills though.
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog Metal Medley!

    Hey, welcome! You're good, this is exactly the right place to post. Neat video, too, thanks a ton for sharing! I see you've got this tagged as Eval -- generally, what that signifies is that you want a workshop staff member to come and give feedback on a mix that's been going through iterations here in the workshop, and it's not usually a tag applied to a thread with only one post. If you want some technical feedback on the song and the mix, you'll certainly get that!However, this does appear to bea released song already, so not sure if that's something you're still looking for. Obviously, if you were trying to get this posted on OCR, it'd have trouble on account of being strictly a medley, but I'm sure if you were looking for technical feedback on the mix 'n such, I and other would be happy to give that if you want it.
  6. OCR03310 - Portal 2 'Reconstructing Lemons'

    I got to give a lot of feedback on this as it was in process of being polished, and it's definitely one of my favorite Chimpazilla tracks for sure! I also tend to play this one out on occasion as well. Super proud of Kris for her rapid progress as a producer!
  7. Guitar settings in FL Studio?

    Here. Here's a playlist of videos on synth design. Some of these synths come with FL Studio, some of them don't, so just find some of the videos that have synths that show up in the plugin picker in the FL demo. Watch and follow these videos and you'll get a handle on synth design. There are so many tutorials out there that you're really wasting your time asking questions on a forum instead of searching YouTube -- if you're serious about this music thing, put in the actual legwork!
  8. Request for permission to play your music

    Anything of mine is fair game, and I think a lot of it might actually be good for the workouts!
  9. If it helps, I have an issue that's plagued me for a while, which slipped my mind until just now.Whenever I use more than one Steven Slate plugin in an FL project, it does spike and make FL behave similar to what you're describing. I solve this issue by not using more than oneSteven Slate pluginin each FL project, and forgive it for now since they're (meaning Steven Slate)using a beta Windows client to make 'em work on PC. I'm just waiting for an update is all. Could be something similar with Sampletank or another plugin in your lineup, though--that's not out of the question.
  10. To be very precise, you haven't said anything about whether or not the things we've been posting have been helping, or whether or not you've been following the advice given. The only thing you've been doing is insisting that there's a problem with FL Studio, which is a claim that is not corroborated by anyone else who owns the software here.If you've been investigating the things we've posted, you haven't acknowledged that fact, and we have no way of seeing what you're doing on your end besides what you post here.The people posting in this thread (all of whom have a long history of giving very good advice in this forum)have been giving you very sound advice, and you appear to have been ignoring it completely. Do whatever you like in whatever software you like, dude. It's your life. Just don't bother us anymore, please.This thread is no longer a productive one.
  11. Judging by your reading comprehension in this thread and the quality of the tracks you've posted in the past, FL is not what's holding you back. Come back when you're willing to take advice from professionals--we'll still be here.
  12. Guitar settings in FL Studio?

    dude, calm down -- don't post three times in a row, give people time to respond!
  13. I still think you need to look into 1) multithreaded processing (you haven't addressed whether or not you've tried that fix), and 2) a better drive for your large sample banks. If it's the latter, switching DAWs willnothelp. Maybe try the demo of another DAW and see what happens? The issues you're describing are just not matching up with my experience in FL Studio, though. Yes, of course I've had to deal with pops and such before, but I've never seen it ignore multiple cores. Something's gotta be up.
  14. This is what my settings look like in FL right now. The big ones to pay attention to are probably "Multithreaded generator processing," "Multithreaded mixer processing," and Resampling quality. Bump it down to 6-point Hermite if needed, don't know if that's usually a default or not. You'll also benefit from getting a good external audio interface, as that will ease a bit of the load off your CPU for audio processing. Also, check and see what your animation settings are at. Lower them if needed, as that will free up unneeded CPU usage. Finally, unless you're using an SSD for your big samples, that's also probably a huge issue. Streaming stuff off a mechanical hard drive will bring even a supercomputer grinding to a halt, and it's generally better to run your DAW and your samples off separate drives. My C: drive is where I've installed FL Studio (and all my VST plugins), and it's a Samsung 840 SSD. That D: drive is a mechanical hard drive, so it only houses things like short samples (individual drums, breakbeats, etc.) and stems that don't get used often. The E: drive is where I've installed all my EWQL, Kontakt, Omnisphere, UVI, etc. libraries to. It's a Crucial MX200 SSD, and does a fine job keeping those libraries from being a bottleneck.