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    Ello ello. Hey my names Kyle, and I've pretty much grown to be a huge VGM enthusiast these days. I'm not very talented myself, but I adore listening to other peoples interpretations of favored tunes through time. I may not be a music magician of sorts, but feel free to ask criticism from me. I'm really easygoing and nice, but I'm very fair and detailed about what I like and dislike.

    Hope to talk to you soon.
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  1. Ooooh yeah, sounds much better! The odd drums before nearly ruined it, but this is much farther in the right direction. The several additions are nice, great job. Since you're getting some real guitar in there, I'm looking forward to this even more so now. Keep up the great work.
  2. I like the beat, I'm going to throw that out their right now. Although the guitar is obviously fake, its kept under the weather enough for me not to point fingers at it (although it'd be sweet if you got someone to actually play some real guit-fiddle there). The mixing is, at the moment, questionable. The drums sound like they've got too much flanger and are playing from inside a full bottle of water. This is a great theme to mix (even after hearing it a million zillion @!#%$!!! times), but at the same time it's popular, meaning people won't want to be disappointed. Good luck on future touch ups, as of right now I'd like to hear what results with more work added on.
  3. This is sounding pretty good. Overall, I'm happy with where this is heading. You obviously have skill with all the instruments used here, so very well done. The mixing overall doesn't bother me too much, but I can hear some buzz in the background that could be cleaned up. I heard a bit of keyboard (or something of the like) in the background I'd love to hear more of, but that's up to you. The only thing that "bugged" me if anything would be some of the stretched out notes on the guitar. While everything else sounds amazing, those held notes seemed very bland and alone. Maybe you could either cut back or add something to accompany the notes. I can't wait to hear the end result, this as a start is nice and strong.
  4. This is like...grunge-funk. Like Soundgarden and James Brown had a baby o_O. Nonetheless, really tight track. Very grooving piece, complete with a very crisp angry sound. Love it, awesome job LuIzA.
  5. This track was one of the reasons I finally decided to strap down and make an account here on OCR (along with the whole OCR album "Summoning of Spirits"). This track is definitely one of the highlights in music for Tales of Symphonia, so I was glad to see it got the OCR treatment, and it didn't disappoint. Although the direction the track goes from 3:10-3:31 raised an eyebrow for me, the rest of it is pure gold. Great job LuIzA and CarboHydroM.
  6. Easily one of my most favorite medleys to date. The part that rolls in about the middle is probably my favorite. Just the beat that gets started is astonishing. Hell, it even ends with the fanfare! Very clean too, can't stress that enough. Everything is extremely crisp and noticeable, very professional. Awesome job LuIzA.
  7. *Gulp* alrighty then...introduction time. *Breeeeeeeaaaaaaathes in*. Whew... Hello everyone . My names Kyle and I'm (obviously) new here. I've been listening to tunes off this site for quite some time now, but now listening doesn't do everything it once did. I've just listened to some of the work off of "Summoning of Spirits", and that was the straw that made me feel like I need to tell some folks firsthand just how awesome their work is as I listen to them. Anyways I hope to be friends with (at least) some of you as time goes on. Take care .