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    I am a huge female gamer. I play Sonic, Pokemon, and even Naruto. I'm a senior in university hoping to graduate with a teacher certificate :D
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  1. Well despite the many weird names, I'm gonna be nicknaming all of mine anyway ^_^"
  2. This game on the Playstation one console is my favorite game ever. I would like to request some remixes for some of my favorites Lofty Castle: Dark Passage: Town Square: Haunted Towers: Gnorc Cove: Gnasty's Loot: That's some of the ones i would like to have a remix of. If I think of the others, I'll post them again later
  3. I have another request. I enjoyed all the remixes of Sonic 3d blast. I was wondering if i can request the other levels that havent been used yet Gene Gadget: Spring Stadium: Spring Stadium act 2 (i feel this is much different from the first stage XD): Volcanic valley ( i know there is a remix for the sega genesis version so XD its ok): Green Grove: Your al welcome to provide me with any u have hear but i prefer OCremixes of it :3 Peace~ Pamizard
  4. Sonic 2: Casino Night Zone Request

    eh im a she and yeah XD i was hoping someone like Jivemaster can make it ;D or somethin
  5. Sonic 2: Casino Night Zone Request

    Thanks for the links to other Casino night remixes I will check it out. The reason I was requesting an OCremix one is because i love all their songs (I have 75 songs on my ipod) and I was hoping to add more awesome ones to the playlist i created for their music.
  6. Happy Birthday Sixto!

    Happy Birthday I hope its a special day for you today
  7. Hi I wanted to request a remix for this Sonic 2 level. It's one of my favorite levels in the game
  8. Hi guys i am Pamizard. I'm a HUGE fan of OCremix. I enjoy all ur musics. I'm not a remixer but I am good at commenting at things. i hope to have fun here and listen to alow of great artwork