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    I was born and raised in the state of Oregon, and have been playing music since I was roughly 9 years old. I currently own eight instruments and spend a ton of my time making music.

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  1. Apex of Nightmare

    Hey check out my new album
  2. Hey all, finished work on my latest album this last weekend. Just thought I'd drop a link here. Check it out!
  3. Mashup between Ghostbusters and Metroid Prime
  4. Hi, I just finished this, hope someone out there enjoys it.
  5. Massive Dynamic

    Hey guys, I released an album and wanted to share it with you. Please check it out, thanks!
  6. check it out
  7. My new album "cytociel" is out!

    That was a good listen
  8. Please give my album "Timeline" a Listen

    I gave it a listen and really enjoyed it, keep up the good work!
  9. Great track, I agree with what others said about the cymbal volume and instrument velocity.
  10. Hi I am Yoshi!

    Hi Yoshi, I just followed you on SC! Check me out!
  11. Hey guys I just finished this, check it out!