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    The K.i.D is a Underground Rapper from San Diego who likes to work with a wide viarity of different types of music. From the samples he uses in his tracks youll hear, Rock,Classical,8bit, R&B and Modern Rap. Enjoy

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  1. Thanks for the listen ! Im still learning about studio engineering so that link will help wonders, Ill definitely check them out.
  2. Hey just got done completing an 8-bit Inspired album called "Powers". BGMS used in the completion of this album goes as following Gutsman Stage- Mega man The Legend of Kage Nemesis Flying Warrior Flying Dragon DrillMan Hard hitting Drums, Fresh flows. If you're looking for some new tunes to make your trunk knock, Please listen and download ! Thanks ahead !
  3. should probably put link to music on a more accessible site. I dont wanna create a new account to listen to just one tune.
  4. Hey guys, tell me what you think of my track you gotta love it. It samples from Ninja Gaiden 2 "The tower of Lajah" stage here is the source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMGI47H1N6Y here's the remix http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/634479
  5. Hello everybody. This is actually my first post on forums but I've been actually around this community lurking for many a years. Anyhow, If you could Please give my album "Timeline" a listen. It is a hip hop album but it uses a lot of video game samples, some of them which were remixed on this very website. "Morning Walk Through a Burning City" by Remixer ilP0 is one of them. This is Life story rap over Video Game beats, some of the games remixed in this album include Jin Saotome's Theme From Marvel vs Capcom Megaman Fire man Stage Zelda Fairy Bath from a Link to the Past Ninja Gaiden 2, Tower of Lajah remixed by the Super Guitar Bros and Zelda Twilight Princess. The Album is short and sweet about 30 min of playing time. I think that the community will enjoy this effort, I actually just submited "You Gotta Love it" for remix aproval and Im crossing my fingers. Till then I hope you all can enjoy the music. Take care and feel free to post your thoughts and reviews. Thank you all once again. https://soundcloud.com/koolestindaygo/sets/timeline