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  1. i read post of each of you i was looking for simple answer and now im like that was epic find BIG THX for YOU all
  2. So straight to the point i found this and i think its from some sega game but i can be wrong anyway any one here know name of song or game from where its from?
  3. ok so here is very very old video made for fun and some guy made a remix of Chrono Cross - The Brink of Death i know the name of remixer but well video was made for fun of this guy on the video and no 1 really cared about that song so could any one make somewhat remix like that more or less?
  4. well 10 years ago when i discovered internet and then oc remix i i did not even was getting music from any other sources so how in the earth it could get in to my hands? other than from ocr just wtf? thanks anyway
  5. well i got it like from over 10 years ago and im pretty sure i got it from OCR well it was only source of audio back then for me anyway i doubt i could get it elsewhere but cant be sure and i cant find it anywhere on oc remix i also checked oc removed and still no luck what i believe it is mega man 3 top man remix but well i can be wrong