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  1. Its Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Paradigm Shift ========================================================= So im looking for name of the song i think its from Castlevania like game I asked same question to video creator but instead of providing name of the song/game he provided name of the song that was next song used in his video I mean after the song i was looking for Anyway im looking for name of the song that plays from 0:00 to 3:35 I think i heard it in some other Castlevania like game but i just cant name it I will be thankful for any help
  2. https://z0r.de/5576 Like title says
  3. ok so i just found this http://z0r.de/914 and 1 guy in the comments says its (Timebandit by Seppo Hurme (aka Fleshbrain)) but i cant find it anywhere by the either of creators name is it really that song name or not any1 know?
  4. i dont know if any1 suggested it above cause im too lazy to read it all but well u can change extension .rsn to .zip and extract all songs from that file then either u can download alpha II spc player (AKA snesamp) < plugin for winamp that will allow you to play .spc files that are inside .rsn files but im pretty sure it will also play .rsn files them self since it works for me so it should for you if you insist on having it in mp3 format after you extract it to .spc files out of .rsn file format you can download SPCTool which have option to export to high quality wav and next you can use fre:arc to convert it to mp3 all links below Alpha II spc player (AKA snesamp) > https://alpha-ii.com/Download/Main.html spc tool > https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=4600 fre:ac > http://portableapps.com/apps/music_video/freac_portable
  5. i read post of each of you i was looking for simple answer and now im like that was epic find BIG THX for YOU all
  6. So straight to the point i found this http://z0r.de/1607 and i think its from some sega game but i can be wrong anyway any one here know name of song or game from where its from?
  7. ok so here is very very old video made for fun and some guy made a remix of Chrono Cross - The Brink of Death i know the name of remixer but well video was made for fun of this guy on the video and no 1 really cared about that song so could any one make somewhat remix like that more or less?
  8. well 10 years ago when i discovered internet and then oc remix i i did not even was getting music from any other sources so how in the earth it could get in to my hands? other than from ocr just wtf? thanks anyway
  9. well i got it like from over 10 years ago and im pretty sure i got it from OCR well it was only source of audio back then for me anyway i doubt i could get it elsewhere but cant be sure and i cant find it anywhere on oc remix i also checked oc removed and still no luck http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/r76gab5r/file.html what i believe it is mega man 3 top man remix but well i can be wrong
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