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  1. Rock Music #1

    Check it out and leave some feedback! Thank you
  2. R.A.G.E.

    Check this out! Thank you!!!!
  3. Project M

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  4. SALIDA (Original)

    Check it out! Leave a feedback!!! Thank you!!
  5. Hi Guys! Check out my new video, I'm entering a competition hosted by Rob Chapman. Please leave your comments, Thank you! Cheers!!!!
  6. Happy Guitar Solo in 1 Minute

    @Ronald PoeHehe! Thank you!
  7. Happy Guitar Solo in 1 Minute

    @ShadowRaz Yes I made the entire parts! And thank you so much!!
  8. Hey Guys! I'm new here! I just composed a one minute guitar solo! Please provide your feedback so I can improve.