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*NO* Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga 'Land of the Beans'

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ReMixer name: pokemoneinstein

Userid: 44139

Name of Game Arranged: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Name of Arrangement: “Land of the Beans”

Link to ReMix:

Names of Individual Songs Arranged:

“Welcome to the Beanbean Kingdom” (Main Source)

“Hoohoo Village / Beanbean Castle Town” (1:04)

“Beanbean Castle” (1:28)

“Chucklehuck Woods” (1:52)

“Bros. Victory” (2:47)

“Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure” from Super Mario RPG (Inspired a few bass changes. More of an influence than a real source)

Additional Information

System: GameBoy Advance

Composer: Yoko Shimomura

Published: 2003, by Nintendo

Developed by: AlphaDream

When I first discovered OCRemix, I was so happy to see so much of my favorite music redone in such magnificent ways. Donkey Kong Country, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy, Zelda, but wait! No Paper Mario? Where’s Pikmin? Most unfortunate of all, there was nothing from any of the Mario and Luigi games. I was shocked. How could I let that go unnoticed? Composed by none other than Yoko Shimomura, the first game of this series has one of my favorite OSTs of all. So I’m here to try and get this game’s score some of the credit it deserves. Having never attempted what OCR defines as a true “ReMix,” and going into it with little knowledge of production values, I think my first try went pretty well. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful OCR community, and a huge thanks to TheGuitahHeroe, who helped me perfect it all, and stayed patient through my insistent badgering. With a bright, happy, adventurous vibe reflecting the cheerful and quirky residents of the Beanbean Kingdom, with “Land of the Beans,” I hope to introduce new players to the wonderful game, and bring joy to the faces of longtime fans.

Made using Logic Pro 9 and many of the accompanying samples, with the exception of a vibraphone sf2 found from an outside source.


- Bean kingdom

- hoohoo

- bean castle

- chucklehuck

- victory

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Super fun sources! I like how you used the Bean theme as your main idea with some cameos thrown in, but I feel a little disappointed with how each of the themes are pretty much note-for-note without any personalization to really bring them to life. I think there's a lot more you can do with either expanding on a few of the themes instead of cramming a lot of them together. Maybe consider removing two of them and having variations play instead. The same can be said for the Bean Kingdom theme, which after the third return to it starts losing traction. More variety please!

The ending feels very sudden as well, I would love for there to be a stronger transition into the ending.

Production has some quirks as well. Firstly, a lot of the piece is fairly mechanical, and needs to be humanized to be more natural. I also feel like the balance is off, especially with the 'cameo' themes being very quiet compared to the main source lead. On a similar note, the overall volume level is the same throughout the piece and the lack of sonic variety makes it harder for me to stay focused. 1:11 could come way down in volume to change things up, and build back up later in the piece.

Sticking with the same variety theme here, the drums feel like they are on autopilot for a lot of the piece.

There is a lot to work on here, to be honest, but it almost all stems from the variety aspect. I do like your ABAC structure, and I think it can work, but you've gotta make sure things stay interesting throughout!

NO (resubmit)

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I basically am just doubling everything Deia said here; The overall theme is nice, and the sources chosen are very good, but it needs to be more personalized, and some humanization would make this feel a lot more inviting. It's a very good start, but needs more refinement, please. :-)

No, please resubmit

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agreed, Deia hit the nail on the head in terms of arrangement. I'm not totally sold on the sounds/mixing job either but it's hard to put my finger on whats 'wrong' with it.. I guess the sounds/synths just aren't particularly interesting to me. the (what I'm assuming are) brass stabs aren't doing you too many favors, though you could certainly do worse, and luckily they're not too exposed. the overall sequencing is also pretty stiff and could use some humanization, especially the piano.

it's on it's way, but I think the arrangement and production both need a bit of polish in order to get it up to the bar. hope to hear this again!


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