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  1. I love an easy mix to close out voting on! Excellent atmosphere, really good melding between the themes, and pretty recognizable throughout. The build-up near the end really gets the heart pounding a bit, nicely arranged to convey a sense of urgency there. Solid mix. YES
  2. Gario and prophet both have the production side of things covered, definitely agree that the balance is just not working well here. I do like the personalization to the track in terms of making it a bit harder hitting and adding the industrial sounds in. I wouldn't mind a little more of an adventurous take as the track repeats the chorus and verse, but I think it does get by in that aspect if it was left as-is. Balance for sure. NO (resubmit)
  3. The piano might be following the original with the higher note/lower note motif, but honestly I would never have picked that out on it's own, and even then it feels like a reach for me. The soundscape has a really creepy vibe to it, and I agree with Brad that it feels very harsh and over compressed overall. The soundscape can definitely work for the bleak feel you're going for, but definitely needs to be brought back a little. NO
  4. Agreed with the YES gentlemen here. There are some balance issues, but I think they aren't a dealbreaker. There were a couple of times where I did want the bass to come out just a touch more as well, but hardly worth going back for. I really enjoyed the combination of instruments, and the overall bubbly nature of the track. Both energetic and relaxed at the same time. Fun track. YES
  5. Brad definitely has this. Nothing I can add here, he summed it up perfectly. I think this is a great piece to really get some solid production practice in on, especially in regards to adding the humanization/pedal in to get a stronger performance aspect. Good luck. NO (resumbit)
  6. Dear lord this source is just about painful to listen to. The arrangement is really a bouncy and playful take on the original. There's a lot of added instrumentation that really fills out the soundscape well, and the use of dynamics really adds a lot of character here. There's also a good amount of variation to what is happening, so no part felt like a repeat, and I was at the end before I knew it. The master is definitely quiet overall, wouldn't mind a bump there. Otherwise enjoyable! YES
  7. Not much to add here that hasn't already been said. There's some good playing, and going for a metal style here really works for the source. Drums really fit well into the track, and they do a lot to accentuate the melody throughout. Nice solo at 1:19 as well. The piano is definitely a bit of a detractor, being as blocky as it is. The overall production is definitely also suffering a bit, lots of mud, especially when things get busy. Definitely something to work on in the future. I also wasn't feeling the squealy stuff going on near the end. It's hard panned, and to me just was a distraction overall. Maybe bringing it back in the mix and centering it a touch more might have helped. Overall this is a close one to me, and I could see it going either way. I think the genre adaption and playing does squeak it over the bar, though. YES (borderline)
  8. Yeah, I'm with Rexy here. The performance is lovely, but this is pulling too much from already existing arrangements. Gonna have to be a NO for me, but I'd love to hear some of your own arrangements! NO
  9. By luck managed to get two of your pieces in one judge night. Hooray! The bass does some solid work here, really enjoying the presence it has. As Jive said, the mix overall has a fairly minimal feel to it, but that really works to it's advantage, being able to focus on specific elements when needed (drums, bass, leads and solos) without cluttering up the soundscape. Everything is well balanced and shines when it needs to. This is definitely the soundtrack to Amarant riding down a highway on his cycle at midnight. YES
  10. What an excellent expansion on a relatively short theme! Really love the overall bubbly vibe, and there's a ton of change-ups to keep the soundscape fresh. Solid downtempo at 2:30ish that transitions nicely back into the pre-chorus. The rising arpgeggio really keeps things tied together well, solid use there without overstaying. Love it, YES
  11. I'm fresh to this one, but I did a quick read over the issues from before. Absolutely agreed that this is an ambitious arrangement that has a lot of great styles and ideas going on. I do think the instrumentation doesn't match up to the strength of the arrangement, but I think it does squeak by here. I'm going to nitpick here, but do know that I think this is a pass. Just want to let you know things to work on for the future. The backing strings sound solid, but the solo violin should be a little stronger in the field, and add some vibrato in to humanize it more. The brass ensemble sounds muddy overall, specifically the articulations don't seem to quite match up so each attack feels fluffy. Similarly, the sax sample doesn't have a clear attack on a lot of the notes, so it feels like everything is slurred. That might be a shortcoming of the sample, but might also be fixable through velocities of the attacks. Doubling the guitar with the sax was a nice touch. Lead guitar after that sounds muffled, definitely can be brought up in the mix. The wall of sound section overall sounds pretty good. Lead could probably still come out a touch, but everything felt well placed overall. 4:06 guitar run is a little out of time for the first section, definitely sounds like a tough lick there, but would be nice to make sure those parts are clean. I think the arrangement really carries this home, and I hope to hear more from you! Good luck on the rest of the vote! YES (borderline)
  12. Yeah, don't see a real reason to hold this back. Listened through and even the noises I was able to pick out were very slight at best. Really nice arrangement, really nice tone and combination of instruments to set the mood here. YES
  13. The balance issue is definitely the biggest factor here, but I'm going to note that the samples aren't doing the mix many favors as well. The brass and low strings feel like the run just behind the beat on some transitions, and makes some of the parts feel sloppy, and many of the other instruments feel very blocky/mechanical. Some of that is a bit by design, but I think adding some more humanization overall would add a lot to liven the performance. Arrangement does stay pretty close to the source as has been mentioned. I think for the number of repetitions through the source that some more adventurous interpretation would be pretty welcome. Not a deal breaker as-is, but the mix loses my interest as it goes on over time. Not quite there yet, definitely fix the balance between the speakers, and look at the samples for sure. NO (resubmit)
  14. I think the arrangement is fine, and the transition to metal works really well in context. The drumwork in particular was really great to me, all the fills and rhythms felt like they slotted in just right. The mixing, though, I'm just not feeling. The brass is being super overpowered by the rhythm section, and even then sounds super muddy and like it is in the back of a parking garage. It's just being too drowned out, even for a stylistic choice for me. NO (resubmit)
  15. Yeah, this is gorgeous. Lovely tone on the flutes, and the supporting parts really add a lot of life. I'm not always a fan of sound effects in a mix, but the water flowing really worked out well here, and stayed just enough in the background that you almost forget about it until the end. Great work. YES
  16. Tough one here. Nothing to add that hasn't been mentioned, but I think in the end the abrupt transitions, the weird harmonies at 1:49ish and the production issues are adding up to just not quite making it for me. It's close, though, and I'd super love to hear this one back at us! NO (resubmit, please)
  17. I do think this is pretty coverish, but I don't think it's as bad as the others are making it out to be. There's definitely the addition to the drums, the change up between octaves and the harmony in the third repetition, plus the addition of the second theme (which actually had more arrangement to it than the Fight Theme overall I felt). That being said, I would have loved more change-ups overall. Add to that that the flange on the guitar really makes it feel muffled which really cuts the power of the lead. Similarly, the harmony that comes in 1:10 feel awkward because it doesn't match articulations with the lead, and at 1:21 the two parts are fighting in the same space on the counter melody (maybe some subtle panning of each instrument to opposite sides would help there). I think the combo of the low amount of arrangement and the production issues are what are doing it for me, but I'd like to see this one again. NO (resubmit)
  18. Yeah, I gotta go with Rexy here. After 0:35, I'm really not clicking in on the source here at all. Pretty track, but not enough connection here. NO
  19. I'm definitely on the fence regarding the first half of the arrangement, but I think the second half seals it on that side of thing. Samples, however, aren't really doing it as others have mentioned. The others have already covered where things needs to be addressed, so I hope to hear you bring this back to us! NO (resubmit)
  20. The other judges already caught just about everything I would have brought up. I do agree that the bass is maybe a tough loud overall, but not ever to a point of being a deal breaker. The one nitpick I might add is while there is a ton of detail going on around the melody to create a fantastic atmosphere, the main theme really plays verbatim throughout. Would have loved some variations or breaking up of the sections. Something to keep in mind for next time! YES
  21. I'm just barely on the YES side of this as well. The melody is there, and I can hear it, but I do really wish it was out more in the forefront. Definitely a lot going on though, and it's a fun listen. YES (Borderline)
  22. I think Rexy has this right. There's definitely personalization here, though at times it is pretty subtle. I think the expansion of the chords and flourishes do add a lot of life, and the swell in the middle gives the track some good life. The production does overall feel stiff and a bit unrealistic, but I think overall I'm good with the level it is at currently. YES
  23. The others have already covered what I was going to say here: the first half really is just too close, and when it does diverge the arrangement doesn't really build. The string samples also feel a bit mechanical and stiff, which doesn't convey the emotion of what you're going for well. I'd like to hear the first half to branch out more, and maybe try to build more into that crescendo at 2:53 or so. Also please bring the volume up! NO (resubmit)
  24. Man, what a great way to take a pretty boring dungeon track and make it super interesting to listen to. Certainly not going to be anyone's favorite, but I really appreciate how you used the repetitive motif as your base and built around it. Really fun, I hope to hear more from you! YES
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