American Album (2005) - worth remastering?

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Say... a question for y'all. I'm currently upgrading my home studio, getting some new gear in there, and I'm wondering... if I were to create a re-mastered version of The American Album (originally released in 2005), would there be any interest? Better mixing, maybe bring in some live instruments, etc.?

I wouldn't want to pull a Lucas and re-make pieces of history that were fine the way they were... but then again, I could pull a Schafer and have fun simply presenting some material that hey, you enjoyed this years ago, now here it is again in HD.

Btw here's the album if you want to give it a fresh listen:

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes

Loved the album, but the quality of the instruments on some of the songs is pretty old. Would definitely love a re-mastered version

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