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    Christopher "Mazedude" Getman is an award-winning composer for video games and beyond, known for his work with the Bad Dudes, OverClocked Remix, and his solo remix albums honoring American game composers known as "The American Album" and "American Pixels." He has also had the privilege of composing the original scores for The 7th Guest: Infection, and two of the games in the MazeQuest series.

    He is currently in development on his next major release "Words and Verses: a Biblical Music Project." To learn more, visit https://www.mazedude.com or https://www.wordsandversesproject.com
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  1. Well. The Kickstarter is over, and it didn't meet the funding goal. Not even halfway, actually. Boy, that's a strange feeling. Still, the project goes on, just on a smaller scale than I'd envisioned. I was hoping to utilize string quartets, ancient instruments, brass ensembles, and more. Ah well. Still, going back to a motif of more electronics and less live instruments isn't a bad thing. Might help me finish the album a lot faster, actually, so there's a positive spin. Some folks have asked if they can still pre-order the first album outside of the KS campaign, and the answer is yes
  2. Pledge received and appreciated! Thanks @HoboKa!!! Also wanted to share that some WIPs are available for listening: Genesis 1:2 Orchestrated (w/ live violin): Chiptune draft version: John 14:2 Orchestrated (w/ live marimba, vibraphone, and piano): Chiptune draft version: Enjoy! ~ Mazedude
  3. And... it's live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mazedude/words-and-verses-a-biblical-music-project
  4. I wrote this GB doodle for a "21 days of composition" challenge. It's tracked in .IT format but could probably be converted to .MOD with different (but very similar I'd think) samples, hopefully without too much difficulty. I've always liked the tune and it doesn't have a home, so, I'd be fine gifting it to an actual game. :) https://www.mazedude.com/21days/mazedude-21days-21.mp3 More goodies from the challenge here: https://www.mazedude.com/21-day-challenge... and actually the following chiptune doodles from the challenge don't have a home either, maybe they could be converted to GB
  5. Oh man, this takes me back. The early 90s were, for me, the BBC days. We'd connect via our modems, hogging the parents' phone systems, and explore the beginnings of the online world. The same world that introduced me to tracking, Doom 2 MODs, and more, also introduced me to One Must Fall 2097. For a season I fell in love with the game, and beat it several times. I wouldn't count this track from the game as something terribly original given the chord progression, listening to it now, but dang this holds some nostalgia for me. I dig DigiE's remixes but this one is awesome too; great work!
  6. Dang, this is slick! I almost remixed this one myself a while back; loving the funk vibes on this... one of the best tracks IMO from MM5; good choice!
  7. Hello friends! Mazedude here. And for those of you who don’t already know, I’m at it again… making another ambitious album with plans for funding via Kickstarter. This one is even on a grander scale than American Pixels. Here’s the thing though… it’s not VGM. It’s something completely different. Check out the video below to hear me explain the vision: Yep, Bible music. Take a verse, and compose what it sounds like. This project has been in the brain for years… and I’m finally doing it. To read more, explore the verses chosen, and to subscribe or pre-order, check out the web
  8. New original soundtrack released! I am very pleased to share my music for MazeQuest 3, a hybrid collection of Western (yes, Cowboys and Indians) and chiptune elements, all built within a tracker, post-processed in ProTools, and featuring zyko on guitar. Enjoy!

    Listen Now


  9. Me likey the TMNT tunage... I may consider putting something together for this.
  10. Happy to announce that the sequel is... now available! (Sadly due to COVID-19 the game itself has been delayed a bit, but the developers were happy to let me share the soundtrack) https://mazedude.bandcamp.com/album/mazequest-3-original-soundtrack-game-version It's an RPG but also a Western, with distinct chiptune and 9-bit vibes, so, yeah it's a hybrid approach but also quite enjoyable in that aspect. Let me know what you think, thanks!
  11. I work in Syracuse, and live in a nearby suburb. I only just found out about this con today. Definitely interested, but may not be able to attend due to other obligations... that said... I'm going to TRY because having this in my own backyard sounds freakin' cool.
  12. Always enjoy me some tracker music. Listening while I work. Climbing the Tree of Life is my fav so far, but haven't finished yet. (Btw you'll probably want to remove the "s" in "https" from the link to your website above (or just install a security certificate), clicking it gives an error.)
  13. Turns out the OST was by up-and-comer Megan McDuffee! She just announced the list of links where to OST can be found: https://ffm.to/rivercitygirlsost (A few other familiar names appear farther down the tracklist too, interestingly enough.) She also has some pretty cool stuff on her Bandcamp - https://meganmcduffee.bandcamp.com. (The Hostile Takeover soundtrack is quite nice, great replay value.)
  14. Ooh, ya gotta do Double Dragon. That one is just... priceless.
  15. It was either Rygar or Karate Champ for NES. I remember saving up my allowance, $5 per week, so that when I had enough we could go to Toys R Us and I'd pick out a game. Rygar was awesome. However, some of my purchases made this way were not so awesome. Like Deadly Towers. Or the Adventures of Bayou Billy. But, I'll say this - after buying those with my own money, I was determined to beat them. To date I've beaten Rygar probably 20 times. Deadly Towers... once. Bayou Billy... once. Agreed, great topic.
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