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  1. Beyond. Epic. This song is so big and you transition between all the different sources so amazingly. This would be awesome performed live with a real orchestra
  2. Listened to the album yesterday when I caught it before being announced and it’s awesome. Gonna be in my playlist for my next road trip
  3. Wait, is this album out already? Because the wiki page is live and has zip and torrent links to the album. I didn't see any announcements on the front page. @djpretzel @Liontamer @DiGi Valentine http://ocremix.org/info/VROOM:_Sega_Racing
  4. Hell yeah, this soundtrack is definitely underrated. Need more remixes of this OST. This one is pretty damn awesome. Love it.
  5. Yes Yes OH GOD YES Loved the album, but the quality of the instruments on some of the songs is pretty old. Would definitely love a re-mastered version
  6. Parts of this song remind me so much of the BeanBean Castle theme from the first Mario & Luigi game. Really love this reMix. Welcome back to the realm of reMixing, djp
  7. That remake is amazing. Kinda makes me mad that Nintendo gave up on 2D Metroid.
  8. w00t! Zydoge and his monster form are in the games! I feel like they're going to tie Sun & Moon to XY somehow storywise
  9. I guess we should hate this track for holding up the project for so long, but it's too great to hate. Definitely my favorite track on the album (don't get me wrong, the entire album is amazing) and the part from 2:16 - 3:04 is pure bliss
  10. Imagine if Sun and Moon are X&Y's GSC. Complete with revising Kalos.
  11. WIsh I knew that. I always used the Mew trick with the trainer in Route 8 and battling Mew in Lavender Town.
  12. Another Yooka-Laylee track by David Wise, and yes. It's awesome.
  13. What I'd love to hear are the original versions of the music Jackson and the team made before it went through compression and the final processing. Like the original Sonic 1 and 2 songs Masato Nakamura wrote to demo to Sega.
  14. Came across this game on Cinemassacre's youtube channel, and it has a killer soundtrack. This OST needs to be reMixed.
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