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Old 12-08-2002, 04:55 PM
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*NO* Final Fantasy 4 'Cry in 1986'

Hey there, I polished up a remix tonight, and figured it'd be a good one to
start off with, and see if it can get accepted.

I dubbed it "Cry in 1986." It's a version of Cry in Sorrow from FFIV, with
an *almost* power ballad feel to most of it. I guess I'll let you draw your
own conclusions ;P

Here's the URL.

Thanks for the time


djpretzel / / / anime mixes
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Old 12-08-2002, 05:42 PM
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Nice start. However, I think everything needs to be mixed a little better - make the lead guitar a little louder for example. Also, those drums need a lot more punch... not to mention a lot more variation.

The ending really doesn't add anything to the song, and left me confused about why you did that besides to directly reference the original (which isn't necissary, btw).

I'm gonna say NO, with a resubmit encouraged
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Old 12-08-2002, 08:56 PM
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Learn how to name mp3s appropiately, Flextone Junkie. The ID3 tags themselves are fine.

Now, to the ReMix. The beginning is pretty damn good, but it all falls from there. Starting at 0:42, the EQ really REALLY kills. The bass and the absolute high frequencies are really overemphasized. The mixing could be much better - The lead guitar is way too quiet, and the drums don't variate enough for the style. I'd really love to see this with better mastering and mixing taken into consideration.

Old 12-10-2002, 01:46 AM
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Yeah. Definitely got some problems with the mixing here... starting at ... well DC13 pretty much summed it up... which is strange. I feel weird echoing him. GRR this makes me want to say YES just to be different! No, I kid. This is just pretty sloppy overall. And the drums should definitely be EQ'd in the same fashion as the rest of the song. Honestly the ending doesn't bother me so much, but it seems to come too soon on the heels of a song with very little development. Sorry.


Old 12-13-2002, 05:42 AM
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Well I think this is pretty damn cool. But again that EQ is just funky.

I wanna hear this resubmitted with some serious remastering, cause it'd
just flat out rock then.

NO, but please master this up and fix that ending
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