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  1. Love it. Couldn't of picked a better track from Descent 2 to remix. I was the same. Just sitting through the credits just listening to the MIDI/AWE32 versions of it.

    Really needs to be more Descent remixes and I'm glad we have a few talented remixers to step up to the plate.

    Question is. What are the vocals in the background saying and why do they sound so familiar?

  2. Why would Blizzard make an MMO of a (mostly) console-only series from another company, when they have their own franchises that are exclusive to the PC? It seems contrary to their usual practice.

    It's more likely that the name is a coincidence. At best, they took the same ideas they had for the canceled Halo MMO, and thought it might be kind of funny to use the same project name. Maybe a hint? Maybe a reference to their earlier work?

    Indeed it could be a bunch of coincidences. But Blizzard has said they have been wanting to get into the console market (though doesn't mean this MMOFPS will or won't be on consoles) and that their new MMO wasn't going to be any of their existing IPs (ie. Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, etc.)

    Also another thing. Didn't Bungie join ActivisionBlizzard?

  3. Apparently MMO Champion released a leak of Blizzard's new MMOFPS and that it would be released in 2014.

    Going further, this article was found that seems to be too much of a coincidence that it is the same name and the same people who are working for Blizzard.


    It's well known that prior to being closed Ensemble Studios was working on a Halo MMO codenamed Titan.
    Monk added that since Ensemble's closure, some of the scattered staff have gone to Blizzard, including Greg Street.

    Could we be actually getting a Halo MMO? One can only hope.

  4. halo was never meant to be a fast-paced game like that - it's always been a little slower, forgoing twitch for a little more strategy. nice for people like me who aren't as good at that kind of stuff :<

    That's what I miss about the original halo. Trending the snow in sidewinder, preparing ambushes for any incoming tanks whilst avoiding the sniper fire from the other side of the map.

  5. Couldn't get into a game yesterday.

    I discovered I really don't like Bungie's tone, both in the Halo Reach menus and in the official posts. They're acting as if this beta is god's gift to gaming and we should all be very grateful for it (which would have gotten on my nerves even if the game had worked). Also after the way they and Microsoft hyped this beta's launch, they could stand to be a little more humble / apologetic about underestimating the server load. Oh well, maybe I just don't "get" the Halo culture.

    They're just warming up before they hop into bed with ActivisionBlizzard after this game is done.

  6. Tails was always "meh" though. It made the game too easy.

    Oh hai Sonic 3's Marble Garden Act 2 boss.

    Tails was quite fun to soar over the entire stage as in Sonic Adventure. He really needs his free flying back despite making the game slightly easy at times.

  7. http://www.manabar.com.au/

    "Australia's first dedicated next gen console gaming bar

    Opening in February 2010 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane - Australia, the Mana Bar is the first venue of it’s type.

    Featuring the latest in next generation video game systems available to play 7 days a week with the latest, greatest, and most social games available. You'll even be able to play games before they’re released!

    It's not just the games though, first and foremost the Mana Bar will be one of Brisbane's most funky drinking venues, with a unique selection of drinks and custom cocktails on offer."

    Another article:



    “We know a guy who has agreed to bounce for us, but only if – he insisted on this – he gets to dress as Ryu from Street Fighter while he does it.”

  8. There was a rumour that Descent 4 was going to be in development a year or so ago. Heard nothing since.

    "On March 13, 2008 Interplay updated their website, inserting a background image highlighting some of the games in the company's roster. The picture included the trademarked blue shield orb known from the Descent series, offering further confirmation the Descent franchise is one of the IP's the company is focusing on.

    On September 22, 2008, the company re-opened their website. The site's discussion board includes the official Descent forum[6].

    As of October 21, 2008, Interplay has re-registered the Descent trademark with the USPTO.[7]"


    Probably another Duke Nukem Forever-esk let down.

  9. That being said, I still want the third one to have intelligent plot and motherfucking UNICRON.

    And this time lets not go fantastic 4 and make it an evil cloud (oh no! Quick, someone get a desk fan). When I say Unicron I mean "that's no moon" with freakin tusks trying to eat the planet Unicron.

    Being the 1986~ movie Transformers being a favourite of mine. This would be win.

    I never heard of this fallen fucker. Make Unicron the grand evil master damit. But then again, it might lead to another build up that ends up only blowing up Unicron just as it arrives and we get another movie with sam and sex innuendos slapped all over it.

    The best part of the number 2 movie was when the desert battle started... the rest of the movie before that I consider filler. Though I got one cheap laugh out of that douche shooting himself with that electric gun.

  10. In the KOTOR II: Sith Lords

    That one major capital ship looked like an imperial star destroyer.

    There's so many ships in star wars now, there are bound to be design similarities now.

    I'm just amazed the Jedi temple looks exactly the same in the movies, even after it has been destroyed to pieces in that game trailer.

  11. Though I don't understand how Star Trek is getting praise while this is getting shit thrown at it.

    Apart from the new Star Trek movie making it "cool" to like Star Trek while the new Terminator movie making the series appear shit. No. I don't understand why the two movies are getting polar opposite reviews. Not at all.


    Any how. What made the original Terminator movies was it was deep and meaningful with a sense of terror. The terminators were frightening and the plot all came together with a moral behind it. Heck, there was even a sex scene with a purpose other than to simply jack off to.

    That's what the new movies lack. Substance.

    The latest movies appear to be just senseless action. The Terminators are cuddly care bears with guns and John Connor is a douche.

  12. Haven't seen the newest movie, but going from the last movie and Sarah Connor Chronicles. The terminators don't have the heartlessness and narrow mind set as the first two movies had. Now you have terminators defecting just because and the actual terminators that are meant to be bad going soft.

    If it were like the orginal movies. Terminator sees human/target. Bang. Dead. Mission successful. (question is, what is its purpose once its mission is complete?)

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