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  1. Maybe they should just change the name of this site to "Piano Arrangement Remix". For what it's worth though, at least this is a good song from a game I like. I like the interpretive aspect of the piece, and I think the composer did a good job with the flourishes and improvising at the beginning, and emulating the low string section of the original song at the halfway point, where the song really kicks in. As a point of contention, I actually don't think it's dark or loud enough. Fortissimo man, fortissimo! Loud is good and especially in the low end we lose a bit of the original's 'oomph'. Y
  2. I'm torn. On one hand, Earthbound is my favorite game, ever, of all time. Nothing will top it. So a new EB mix fills me with joy. On the other hand, are we talking about the same Earthbound here? The cult classic SNES RPG? I've played it at least once a year, every year since it came out, and although I hear some thematic similarities and samples I really don't recognize this song as anything from the game. So I'm sort of disappointed in that regard. However, as a piece, on its own, it does some really neat and funky things. The trance ebb is carried throughout and it's very relaxing, I lik
  3. Has anyone said MAX300 yet? My feet think that should count as a boss. No, I never said I could beat it.
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