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  1. I was greatly amused by this song as it had excellent lyrics (which is appreciated more if you own a copy of Chrono Trigger) and a real neat 80's style melody. I enjoyed this song on many levels and the melody goes along perfectly with both the words and the voice used for the piece. Robo was always a cool character and the music was fantastic by all means for snes. With in depth lyrics and beautiful harmony between voice and music, i give this mix a 9/10.
  2. I personally really liked the tempo used throughout the entire song, and the variations in the melody were actualy quite interesting as far as Sonic 3 goes... What happens at 2:27 is actually a really cool piece and one of my favorite parts leading up to the finish. The whole thing played smoothly and I enjoyed the whole work. Good job.
  3. Hey everyone, I've been visiting this site for almost 2 years now, and well, I thought i should be a part of it. I have listened to many, many remixes over the course of time, about 200+, if not more, and I'm very impressed with what I've heard, so much, that i thought i'd like to honor (or dishonor if you don't like me) this site with something i'm not too shabby at making. I make flash animations, serious mostly, and am completing a work that has taken months of actual flash work, and years of offtime improving my equipment, art, etc. OC remix provides me with about 90% of the music i use be
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