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    Lmao, "warning points". OCR is still a nerd kindergarten with the inmates running the asylum.

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  1. Googled "FOUR ON THE FLOOR LET'S DANCE "E" GLOWSTICKS HOORAY" the other day and was glad to see it was still in use.

  2. Good start. My try some freeform piano after that point with the synths taking a background role.
  3. Pretty good progression. I'm not sure if it would benefit from a short bridge or switch to breakbeat (a la electro breaks), as it feels like a huge buildup. Great overall, though.
  4. Badass. Any remixes of Bubble Crab stage are appreciated.
  5. Glad to see this track get some attention. I'll hang on to the WIP.
  6. Oh man, I remember this. I'm glad you're still around.
  7. Hey, I know zircon's album came out a few years back, but I just discovered it earlier this year. I now learned there was a remix competition, but the links for the materials are dead: http://www.zirconstudios.com/Warhead%20Remix%20Pack.rar http://www.zirconstudios.com/Mindbender%20Remix%20Pack.rar Does anyone still have these? I wouldn't mind taking a stab in my personal time and I really, really love these songs.
  8. http://www.somethingawful.com/d/flash-tub/twentyfour-cartoons.php One of the tunes is Ristar's bonus stage: Another is the Zero Wing raisins ending: Can anyone identify Cool Cat?
  9. Awesome. After F-Zero X hardwired the track to metal, the world desperately needs more synth-oriented Mute City remixes.
  10. Are you saying the CE team is skilled enough to hack Google cache to fake his LinkedIn profile? And you can still go look him up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1420577177 Or did the CE team fake this guy, his university participation, and all his friends, too?
  11. I'm sorry, but I have to make a criticism of the winning entry. I used to write poetry like that. The criticism is not in the actual construction of the poem, but basically what the entire thing is about and the mood of the speaker. It bothered me when I read it, but now that it won, I'd better say my piece. It is patronizing. Really, really, patronizing. And I can almost imagine how it came about because I've been there. I don't doubt that I may be wrong, but to me it sound like the speaker in question has a crush on some girl, probably of the high-maintenance, unattainable, zero-personality
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