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  1. has anyone noticed that smoke (the OP guy) hasn't posted since september of 2007? what's up with him?

    normally i wouldn't say anything, but he's a 14k post guy. you don't just up and walk away from that, you know?

    Sometimes you do. I've just been busy.

    EDIT: Also, AC is out in Europe and I've got a copy.

    Name: Smoke

    Town: Crysta

    Friendcode: 2406-8884-7176

    Fruit: Peach

  2. Awesome!!! I used to own this game but lost it years ago. I can't believe such an old game requires a 580mb ISO for each disc. This is gonna be a while but well worth the wait. :D

    It's called cutscenes and not too much compression since there's plenty of space on the disk anyway.

  3. I probably shouldn't have answered, but to keep you from hanging without any feedback, it may be b/c of the system being a "launch wii". Where'd you get that from? I'm sure that if that is the case, the launched Wiis were made with limits and worse processing performance.

    Dang, don't know what to do for ya'm so far, mang. Lo siento.

    What are you basing that on? Outside of firmware and a few anti-piracy design modifications on the PCB there's no difference between a launch Wii and one you'd buy today. Same CPU, GPU and everything.

    Somewhat more on topic: Does the eject button on the system work? How long was the system turned off for? What happens if you remove the powersupply for a minute, press the power button, then hook it up again?

  4. So I'll be heading out to the US in less than two weeks for three weeks with a friend, taking a small tour of California along with a trip to Vegas. Mainly it'll be sightseeing and stuff, but it would also be cool to meet up with a bunch of OCR people if possible. I've already talked to a few people about it, and it seems that San Francisco could be a nice place to meet. I'll be there on the 14th and 15th.

    Anyone want to come say hi? We can finalize the schedule(When, where and what) before I leave, but so far it's pretty open.

    EDIT: Due to unfinalized schedule, here's the details.

    Saturday, september 15th.

    353 Jefferson Street, San Francisco.

    Be there at 11 AM, look for the guy in the white OCR shirt.

  5. http://www.blackviper.com/

    May help you with Vista...


    Most of the "tweaks" with disabling services listed there have a VERY minor effect on overall performance in recent systems and are only useful if you're still running a sub-800MHz system with 128MB RAM and Windows XP. In some cases, performance can even get worse. There used to be a bigass topic on Ars Technica with benchmarks and everything in it, but it's sadly gone from there now due to old age.

    Contrary to popular "power user" belief, there's nothing wrong with a bit of RAM actually being used, as opposed to keeping as much of it empty as possible. Memory management is quite advanced these days, and it's not like it needs to be empty. It is however recommended to quit some of the more RAM-intensive stuff when you wanna game, but that's only normal. Same goes for looking for more efficient software to replace bloat.

    Also, anyone thinking about disabling the pagefile should be punched in the nuts.

  6. There's a few performance increasing packs for Vista out now, from Microsoft themselves. Also, Vista's pretty much good to go these days, although in some cases you might wanna wait for SP1.

    Some tips though:

    1) Don't upgrade, reinstall. A lot of Vista issues are related to people upgrading when they should be doing a clean install.

    2) nVidia drivers are pretty shitty at the moment, they should get better over time.

    3) Remember how XP was back when it came out in 2001? Vista's a lot better than XP was when it came out, and it's still better than XP is these days at several points.

    Anyway, here's a few links:



    For all your performance-boosting needs.

    I run Vista Business on my Macbook in a dualboot configuration, and it's been nice with me so far. I don't use it for too much yet though(Mainly because OSX does almost everything I need it to do)

  7. m4a files you mean? I think the best way is supposed to be burn them onto a CD and then rip them, but then you lose quality. Welcome to crappy Apple file formats.

    M4P is the protected fileformat, M4A is unprotected audio. There are methods that I cannot further divulge(Hint: Google for it) to remove the protection on iTMS purchased music, which can then be followed by converting the M4As to MP3s in iTunes itself, resulting in MP3s. Quality loss is a part of this though, but only in the M4A>MP3 part.

  8. Oddly enough I'd say get a Macbook Pro and install Windows XP/Vista on it with Bootcamp, so you have a dualboot environment(Or just Windows, whichever you fancy more). For the amount of features you get, the price can't really be beaten. And if you're a student, you get a free iPod Nano with it at the moment. The current versions also allow a nice big memory upgrade(Hint: Buy RAM not from Apple, any laptop RAM with the same specs works, and it's user-replacable)

    I personally wouldn't really recommend Acer. The preloaded software is mostly crap/badly translated crap, and the battery life's not that great. Sony's also quite shitty, HP is overpriced. Either way, most laptops come with a hell of a lot of useless crap preinstalled that's sometimes hard to remove.

  9. I think you're reading waaaay too much into it.

    Do you really think the artists took that into account?

    No, of course not. It just shows the numerous scale/size issues G1 suffered from, and it serves as a good addition on why a planet-sized TF wouldn't work too well without obvious size-shifting.

    If they wanted a Unicron in the movie sequel, regular TFs wouldn't even be visible in any shots showing more than specific body parts or small regions, even if they had a fleet of warships. They'd have to be pretty damn big to show up and not just be small flying dots.

  10. I would hate to spoil it for you...but it's been done. Either watch the 1986 movie, or read the wiki. I recommend the movie, it's pretty awesome.

    Uhm, I own the movie on DVD and saw it quite a few times.

    And it shows exactly the problem of having a planet-sized Transformer. Unicron's got some heavy scale issues going on with him, changing sizes at will and seemingly at random.

    In the introduction, he's shown as being larger than planet Lithone when consuming it. We can assume Lithone is an earth-size planet based on the size of its sole survivor, Kranix(Who is about as big as your average Transformer)

    This is balanced a bit by showing the curvature of Cybertron during Unicron's attack. His hand strikes the planet at one point, and you can see the horizon's curve. It's also shown in earlier episodes as well as the movie that Cybertron has a straight horizon from the perspective of a Transformer.

    However, in other parts of that very same battle, he's small enough to have Dinobots kicking his butt and looking comparably large. Same goes for the bit where he eats Galvatron: Galvatron's big enough to be clearly visible and easily picked up.

    Along with that sequence, it's shown that the Quintesson ship crashes through his eye somewhat early on. The ship appears to be small compared to the eye.

    That same ship is shown on Planet Junk, with Hot Rod and Kup landing it and getting out of it, showing that it's quite large compared to a TF.

    At the end of the movie, the Autobots in Unicron crash out through his other eye, the group being bigger than the Quintesson ship somehow.

    Pay close attention to all these details. Either Unicron's got some shrinkage going on, or the Transformers themselves grow huge.

    Unicron was handled pretty decently in Armada as far as scale/size goes though(With the exception of the Thrust/Galvatron scenes)

    Obligatory TF Wiki link:


  11. The only sequel I would like to see is one that tries to follow the original movie's plot. Matrix of Leadership, Unicron, and the whole damn thing. It'd be outrageous and definitely couldn't be done without a movie (or two) in between, but that'd be freaking amazing to see the Autobots vs. OMFGPLANET fight with those animations.

    There's one problem: Scale/size. Imagine a planet-sized TF on a realistic scale(Say, planet mode's about the size of Earth)

    How do you defeat it? How do you damage it? How do you even begin to plan an attack on it?

  12. My other guess on Rodimus is that Bumblebee will cover that function, since he is a Camaro, which shared a chassis and almost everything else with the Firebird (Hot Rod's chassis)

    Hot Rod's not a Firebird. He's a fictional future car from the year 2005 taking some inspiration from the Dome Zero concept car, which was also used as a design base for Classics Rodimus.

    I do hope future installments don't follow the G1 storyline too much though.

  13. Why would you recommend against the stock power supply? It's 500w, 150-200 more than I'd need. Well, I don't know how much the 8800 takes, but I'm sure it'd be nowhere near 500.

    Because wattage listed on a power supply tends to be meaningless. What you DO need to look at is the amount of current it can pull on the +5V and +12V rails in particular, how well it cools, how quiet it is and how well it's constructed(Grounding). On top of that, you can also look at connections offered.

    Cases that include PSUs tend to have cheapo no-name brand PSUs in them, and those tend to be shitty.

    On my own old system I actually fixed some minor issues I was having by replacing the stock PSU with a new PSU from a reliable brand, even though both had the same wattage listed.

  14. I've got an idea/prediction.

    Assist trophies get unlocked as you acquire them as trophies, ssbm style, in the single player.

    Just a thought.

    How about the game reading your existing SSBM save to unlock a few nice extras? Or savegames already on your Wii?

  15. Wow, didn't expect a game like that to show up. That wasn't a 1st or 2nd party game right? That was... Maxis right?

    SimCity is originally a Maxis IP. However, the SNES version was developed by Nintendo with a license of the game concept, making all new characters appearing in it Nintendo characters. Hell, the SNES SC has Bowser as a possible disaster and a Mario statue.

    Not to mention that Dr. Wright shows up in Link's Awakening in a nice cameo too.

    Anyway, this shows that SSBB might have quite a few lesser-known characters in it. Maybe Tamagon will show up too(He was also in SSBM as a trophy)

  16. You would think that with the low cost of VC releases--just need a new ESRB rating and a little bandwidth--that they would have a little less resistance to releasing something.

    And, Earthbound is not just a game. It's a way of life. Long live Ness.

    They're spreading their releases. It's a fairly simple and useful tactic: It puts more focus on the more obscure titles, and it ensures a fairly steady flow of cash. Not to mention that a Wii game release drought can be covered with big-name VC titles.

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