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  1. I need a decent string ensemble/section soundfont but more important than it's quality it needs to have a quick attack. Anyone know any like this?
  2. Uh... what happened? I'd be glad to make it for you if you could supply the images, I cannot find any of cloud. the others are fine, but maybe you have preffered ones of those?
  3. What do you mean by spwangy? Thanks for actually responding (hehe) but I got roughly what I was looking for with a plain bass soundfont and some automated EQ. It's a bit messy but it works.spwangy= Clean, hardly any trill or vibrato but possibly very slightly, some boosting of the middle-high frequencies especially near the beginning. Like a slap bass without the hardness and with more sustain, I guess.
  4. I'm searching for something that'll give me a really 'spwangy' and clean bass sound, can be synthish but semi-realism is preferred.
  5. I don't know about crystal, but rgc's free vst soundfont player sfz is what I use, and it's pretty good.
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