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  1. Alrighty then, I go by the Gold Dragon of Twilight (Its in Jap.), and I suppose that I should post here to ensure that my already fragile personality isn't further crushed by my lack of competence... Oh well... This is the first time I have ever [EVER!!!] used a forum in my life, and I was hoping I could at least come here to share my time with some fellow video game enthusiasts. I am completely clueless on a lot of the abbreviations that are used freely around here, like the "pwed" that was in response to my first post. Is there any def of the thing, and I have used a search engine and ge
  2. Forum Newbie Alert!!!Be Warned, and Be Very Afraid! I’d be surprised if no one indicated Star Ocean 2 yet. It’s the only game out there that I know of that you are almost obligated to find the secret area of the game to level high enough just to take the final boss… Sure, at level 110 or so, Indelacio is a cinch, but there is no way you can get that on the robots in Fineal. The real challenge is when you decide that you are going to max out the difficulty, and take on Filia upgraded Indelacio on Universe. Yes, I did try the angel in the dungeon and for some reason she was way easier on Uni
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