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  1. Here is a low quality version of Compy Fox's version that was supposed to go on the Special Edition of Chrono Symphonic. PLBenjaminZ - The Final Battle - Low Quality Compy Version Not that anyone cares, of course.
  2. oh wow. when did this get released? haha. It's a shame this version is the one that got released. I definitely agree that this track is really muddy...I wish compy's version was released instead as I think he did a good job mastering this mix. The only problem is I don't have access to that version anymore, since I happened to lose it a while back cleaning my hard drive out. edit: found a low quality version of it, link at below post.
  3. guh, i can't get enough of the staccato part... just that alone makes me want to listen to it over and over, i don't even know why... at first i didn't like it for no particular reason, but now i'm just hooked X_X *continues to listen to it over and over and over* i logged on this website for the first time in almost a year just to say this. thank you.
  4. I kinda see where he's coming from... but I think it's because the vocal tracks weren't synced very well, that and pixie's voice is so powerful that when they sing together she drowns the guys voice out, haha. The singing styles didn't match either, and that with the talking guy at the end made it sound really cheesy(...but cheesy isn't always a bad thing ). Having said that, I liked it.
  5. keke, I remember when you sent me this a long time ago so it's finished now huh? I never got around to finishing mine I'm currently taking mixing and mastering classes at my school; maybe I'll get around to redoing mine in the near future (but darn! you beat me to making the first undergound sewer remix on ocr! ) ...anyways, great stuff! I really like the bells n' stuff at 3:02 and the mood and atmospheric changes throughout the whole song, the middleish part reminds me of sonic for some reason haha
  6. you got the special edition tracks already!? ...but compy hasn't even started working on those yet... ps: there's going to be more than 4 tracks on the special edition... if you want put the audition tracks on the second cd for now, no ones stopping you, it's your cd eDit: forgot a word... moo.
  7. Claado told me my scene was just background music for a scale up a mountain anyway, and that the actual scenes would involve "battle music" and dialogue with pauses, so I just took a track I liked that matched a.... big mountain-like scene and arranged it. I would've arranged Underground Sewer as that is Denadoro Mountain's music, but as I said in an earlier post, I already remixed that song just before collaborating with this project and I didn't feel like re-arranging it again. I felt that Wind Scene was appropriate anyway, and I liked that song... [quote name=Aurora Firestorm ]Even though RoeTaka hasn't appeared in here yet, I'd still like to ask him why he decided to put in those interrupting, out-of-place drum riffs at about 3:18 and 3:50 of The Last Stand. He completely stops the music for a moment and disrupts the flow of everything twice, which doesn't match with an epic battle, to me. That was pretty much the biggest beef I had with the music, aside from The Third Guru as a track. I was expecting something more grandiose for a final battle as well, like huge epic fantasy orchestral stuff, so I kept waiting for the orchestra to really flare...but it never did. But that doesn't reall bug me as much as the random stops in the song.
  8. Yeah. I envy those guys' ability in that area. They take the free stuff and work miracles. I have the ability to consistently make Reason's decent orkester library sound like crap spewing from a marching band tuba at haltime. As far as I'm concerned.... *hides* >_> ...everything I used was free But then again I guess my stuff isn't the shit lol... I wish I had some of the samples some of you guys used. That would've greatly reduced my limitations, I don't know how many times I told myself "damnit I can't get the right sound!" I say we all should've used only Edirol Orchestral because that's the only thing I used ;););) jk I thought the music in FF Advent Children was great(well at least the last battle song, that had me in tears how incredibly cool it was)! ...and to the people suggesting we should've taken off the time restrictions to the music because there's no actual movie, I already tried this argument about a year ago (it's somewhere in this thread) and I was brought down horribly by a counter argument (something along the lines of making it funner because it was more of a challenge to make those restrictions). Now that I look back, I think it's better this way anyway; I don't think I'd want to listen to 4 CD's of really long orchestral arrangements... just my opinion The only downside is that some of the content feels too short now. I like smiley's. It says so in my sig. ps: u maen rych ppl gib mee moneh soo i ken goh bai beter sampels nau~ jk...or maybe i need a job
  9. Sorry to disappoint you for not being whoever that is lol... I'm just some dumb kid who started trying to remix Chrono Trigger songs last year when out of no where an opportunity to make an orchestral arrangement of one of my favorite games presented itself, so I auditioned and what do you know I got accepted. Denadoro Climb was the fourth arrangement I've ever made in my life (with the audition peice being the third) and the second arrangement I made actually was Underground Sewer, so I didn't think I'd want to arrange the same song twice... Anyways, great job on the project everyone! It turned out to be a lot better than I expected it to be. My favorite piece by far is A Parting of Ways. It has a lot of feeling to it and I just like the instrumentation for some reason (the bells, but OMG WAS THAT A GUITAR at 2:59!?!? I WISH I COULD'VE USED GUITARS ON MY PIECE LOL!); but mainly the way Unknown protrayed Magus was what made it great to me. I can't wait for the Special Edition now! Remastered tracks and new ones I want more~ eDit: cool 50 posts i'm a dan hibiki now, whatever that is ps: i like red guitars... and pineapple.
  10. Hey everyone, it's not released yet!? Haha, oh well, here's a cookie for everyone waiting for the release; Doh, ran out of cookies... It's my Final Battle track that I never finished. It's not going to be on the album so I guess I'll share it with you guys so you have something to listen to while waiting for the release. It's still not done but oh well lol... Hope you like it, and you can expect the quality of the tracks on the album to be a lot better (<3 Compy ). Happy Holidays everyone! Edit in response to the below post: sorry, that's because I deleted on accident, I'm re-uploading it now lol... 2nd Edit: updated it D: 3nd Edit: My bandwidth like died because too many people were downloading lol... 4th Edit: I spelt 3rd wrong... damn copy n' paste laziness
  11. The probability would have been 1/13 = 7.7% if you consider 13 days left starting tomorrow... but there are 14 days left in November starting tomorrow so the chance is actually 1/14 = 7.1% that's almost like saying there's 45 days until the New years, therefore the probability of it being New Year's tomorrow is 1/45 = 2.2%... good thing everyone knows New Year's is definitely tomorrow... ps: that's my initials pps: this is taking long, I know Compyfox has a life outside of OCRemix but damn... it was SUPPOSED to be out last September... oh well, excuse my whining I'm dumb ppps: hi
  12. um yay I finally got a hold of all my remixing files... too bad it's too late to really matter now lol... oh well sorry for the trouble everyone.
  13. oh noes wip's due one more week of summer skewl and im freeeeee for two months but since i gotta get a wip in i worked on it a little, where do i submit the wip?
  14. What pics? I don't remember submitting a pic... >_>
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