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  1. OMg u suck at those lvls I lvls I would of Owned Lavas I fought him at like lvl 40-47 you can always see a n00b... DUDE DON'T USE NOOBSPEAK CAUSE NO ONE UNDERSTANDS IT, MORON. HAHAHAHAHA NOOBSPEAK I find that funny because I just recently finished "1984" by George Orwell and never thought of that
  2. That would be propper nettiquete. You may notice some other people who have had sigs made for them by various sigmakers, and they mention or say thanks to that person in their sig? Thats what would be considered a polite thing to do. So ya, go for it Ya I saw other people doing it... that's why I asked if you would appreciate it.
  3. *to Chizniz* Okay, now that I know it works (YAY), do you want me to give props to you because I gladly would
  4. I love it Chizniz! But I have to wait an hour now before I can start a new account with photobucket. Thanks so much.
  5. One_Winged Angel wrote: Thalzon wrote: I love the way you put it... however we're 2 of the only 6 to buy the game
  6. I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to sound rude. I'll start making regular posts, and I'm not gonna do that stupid stuff I Heart did. I read his little thread... has anyone else done that before? That was pretty retarded.
  7. So I made a request more than a week ago now and it looks like CapnHulk stopped checking this thread. Since YOU still do check it Chizniz... would you mind helping me out?
  8. I saw a bunch of Ninja Gaiden posts but if you use the Vigoorian Flails and the Windmill shuriken, almost any boss is a breeze. Anyway, I think the hardest boss is the final boss from Arc the Ladd:Twilight of the Spirits... he was such a lameass
  9. Hey CapnHulk, if youre not still swamped i'd really like to get a sig. I really like this pic and also, I dont have a host
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