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  1. Just a little gothrave idea I put together today - worth pursuing into completion? http://spaz.mindstab.net/SMW_-_Ghostly_Graver.mp3
  2. Yeah, this is definitely not D'nB. Monotonous breakbeat, a total of 3 synth voices throughout the entire track. Hint: To be DnB/Jungle, you should have a BPM of AT LEAST 155. 170 or 180 is more typical of the genre.
  3. Alright, I replaced that drum sample with something a little less dirty. Currently my next idea is to add some metal-distorted rhythm guitar to the main riff - I'm not sure yet if live instrumentation will sound too out-of-place in this highly synthetic-sounding mix. Anyhow, here's the latest iteration: http://spaz.mindstab.net/actoninstinct3.mp3
  4. After you've rendered out a master track that you're happy with, pull the entire mix into soundforge or goldwave or whatever, and do another pass of snipping/chopping/stuttering at a couple of those breakdowns. It would help keep the listener quessing, as the super-snippy IDM drums start to sound a little repetetive after the 1-minute mark. What you've got so far is an excellent start though. Keep working on this.
  5. Not because I really feel it's submittable, but because it's topical at least: http://spaz.mindstab.net/djspaz_-_turks_%28elena_chaingang_mix%29.mp3
  6. Thanks for your feedback, guys. I've invested a couple more hours in a few psychedelic-sounding leads and acid lines/exploring the theme a little further, plus I turned the crunch down on the drums a bit. here's what I came out with: http://spaz.mindstab.net/actoninstinct2.mp3 What y'all think?
  7. First draft of a re-arrangement. Advice? Ideas? Abuse? http://spaz.mindstab.net/actoninstinct.mp3 EDIT: second revision: http://spaz.mindstab.net/actoninstinct2.mp3 EDIT: most recent revision: http://spaz.mindstab.net/actoninstinct3.mp3
  8. I loved the piano breakdown about half through. Does anybody remember Rabbit in the Moon? It felt like a very Rabbit moment. Quality. I would have liked a little more playing with percussion, as I feel that horn-driven orchestral stuff goes very well with electronic percussion, but we've all been spoiled in recent years by Juno Reactor's work on the Matrix, and so on. Just the same, I think a few busier breakbeats here and there would have made this already-compelling piece even better.
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