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  1. 2:02, sigh, it seems like an obvious mistake. Minor note on a major arpeggio. I'd wished the remixer would have recorded it again. The songs seems to be is almost perfect.
  2. I love the fact that chorus has synth, bells and brass playing off one another.. whereas the verse is öh öh-öh-öh öh öh-öh--öh! Sounds great and grabs the ear! (Jouni, oisko tarvetta saada huippu skeba-raitoja? Voisin mahdollisesti auttaa) -Taika
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! Listening to my song couple months after recording it, the drums usually stick out in a bad way (but hey, it's casio drums, feel free enlighten my way to suberb drumkits) and there's also some other issues. However, the flaws become very minor using one listening instruction. PLAY IT LOUD!! LOUD!! If your neighbors can't hear the intro, IT'S NOT LOUD ENOUGH! Using this advice keeps you too busy headbangin' to get all technical (beer helps too) Yeah, and title is infact from the Queen song, which I thought I quoted correctly (which I didn't) -Taika