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  1. Yeah, I tried that awhile ago with a song. It would play through the speakers (I had the Audio Out plugged into my soundcard so I could hear it when I would sequence) but when I rendered it, it was non-existant. I was hoping there might be an option to turn on soundcard input to render with it but I guess they haven't put that in. Looks like I'll have to produce a song and when I'm finished, just render the loop of my JP8080. I'm SO hyped now after reading all of that news. Although it's kind of weird that I haven't gotten that email even though I'm a registered user.
  2. This is great! Thank goodness for free updates for life! I just wish there was a way to record outboard hardware synths when rendering a song (or maybe it does this and I don't know). Currently, I have to use MIDI to control my JP8080 and record it in something like Cool Edit and input it in as a sample. Either way, the upgrade is free so I'm not whining.
  3. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I have greatly improved my production quality. Although I still use Fruityloops, my stuff sounds beyond that. I still haven't made a remix of a video game tune in awhile though. Actually since this one. I was thinking about submitting my OLD remix of a Guardian Legend tune but since it's so old (even made before this one), it doesn't really portray my newer production quality. Either way, I'm glad I submitted and will be submitting in the future with my unique hardcore style. Got some remixes in mind.
  4. Actually, I tried to duplicate the NES version as much as I could for the fun intro. I was basing it more off of the NES version than the c64 version. It pretty much sounds exactly like the beginning except it loops over and over! ^.^;
  5. Hehe! Thank's for all of the neutural feedback! I made this a couple years ago and was still learning Fruityloops. I can say that I've gotten alot better and a more unique style. I'm gonna make a remix of another song sometime and submit it! Again, thanks!
  6. When I downloaded this, I didn't know which great song was remixed. The Wingless did a very nice job on this! Made it very epic sounding! Even though it's too quiet, it's very professionally done! Although my style is Trance or Hardcore, I love this track! Keep it up The Wingless!
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