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  1. So Unmod is done for? That's it? No more??? Lame...
  2. Holy shit that is fuckin awesome, thanks alot Bummer!!!
  3. Hey guys I'm back. Just wondering if someone could put together a sig with this: Sorry I know it's huge, but I figured it could be shrunk down or something. Plus the focal point I want is mainly Spidey in the center with Cap and Iron Man. Also somewhere could you fit in 'Civil War' and my name? Thanks a bunch to whoever picks this up.
  4. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship, but I just keep coming back for more.
  5. Doulifée thanks alot, it looks awesome. Also I love how it blends perfectly with my GL sig. Awesome work. You get +20 points now.
  6. I think that got lost somewhere so I'm just bumpin it. Of course if it's just being ignored that works too.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could whip something up for me that has my DS friend code for MK:DS. I guess it doesn't really matter if it's a new sig or a badge. Though I kinda like my current sig, so I guess a badge would be better. But honestly I don't care. I don't want to get picky here. Anyway my friend code is: Mario Kart DS - Friend Code: 206220 271452 I've seen some sigs and badges around that kinda caught my eye and figured I should join in and get my code out there too so I can actually get cool people to play with. Ok that's about it. Thanks in advance to whoever picks this up for me. And I really don't care what's on it. I guess a little something that says Nintendo Wi-Fi and Mario Kart DS would help though. Ok thanks again. /long ass request
  8. Hey I got some cables for my Xbox finally. My friend borrowed some from his friend whose Xbox isn't working for some reason. Damn is that new adaptor huge. Must Microsoft make EVERYTHING about Xbox so damn big?? Anyway I'll hopefully be on at some point tomorrow and will finally be able to play some games with you guys.
  9. Can anyone please add my name to the bottom of my sig? I'd try, but I don't really know how and don't want to fuck up the sig.
  10. I should be getting my cables back next weekend so hopefully I'll be on the following week. Also at the end of August I'm moving to Pennsylvania. Won't be a problem with XBL but I'm not sure how long it will take to get out internet up and running. Guess I should start looking into it now since I'm the computer guy in the house. Anyway August 15th my cable goes, so I won't even be online, but as soon as I get back online I'll let you guys know so we can get some matches going.
  11. Wow that is awesome thank you so much. Though I have one favor, could you stick my name in there at the bottom? If not that's cool it's awesome all the same. And don't worry I'll host it.
  12. Awesome I love when you sigmakers get psyched about making sigs, it only yields awesome results.
  13. Ok so I was wondering if anyone could make me a sig with Jack Skellington? I don't really care who does seeing as all of you sigmakers in here are awesome. Anyway these are the pics I found that I liked: Now I'm not saying I want all of those in the sig, but any of those would be cool to use I suppose. Of course if whoever picks this up wants to find different picks that's all well and good. Ok as usual thank to whoever if anyone decides to pick this one up.
  14. Or if worse comes to worse, then you could always buy some new ones. Used would be better to go with since it would be about $5... Perhaps, though I should be good with WoW for a while. If the desire to blast people away BR style proves to be too much though, I will definately pick up some used cables.
  15. I would really love to play some matches with you guys, but it appears my dumbass brother left the Xbox cables at my cousin's house all the way in Long Island. So I won't be playing any Halo for a while. Hopefully next week I can convince my cousins to stop by and chill and gimm my damn cables back. Anyway good luck to you all.
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