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  1. Nice. First it doesn't take away from an already groovy bassline, then it adds a very nice melody, and those cheesy bits that I only usually hear on poor pop songs. The electric piano stops the melody from getting boring before the sax solo. The sax is very good. Bad sax = killer. This should be heard without hesitation
  2. Well then, I guess I must like jazz. I remember hearing this a loooong time ago, and it was just as good then as it is now. The piano and wind are the best parts, of course, as well as the part where he suddenly switches to the underworld theme. Not too keen on the percussion-and-bass section.
  3. This is what people would call 'majestic.' People would be right. Beautiful instumentation, no forced edge in transition, and a nice helping of variety once it gets going, from piano's to marching drums, to that violin (or whatever it is) playing the SoS.
  4. Actually... I don't actually remember LA having Zelda's Lullaby anyway. Either way, this is a very smooth piece - well, for very, read rather. The kind of thing you'd want to add a 20's or 30's female vocalist to. I didn't like the start too much - the bass took too long to come in.
  5. Ah... who cares if it isn't a real trumpet. It's still sweet. Although not as good as the piano backing! Sounds rather good at this slower pace as well.
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