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  1. *laughs* I like it. I don't really know why... I just do. EDIT: Wait... that voice is YOU, Dale? *laughs again* Very nice way to plug your own voice.
  2. This is just one of those ReMixes that I absolutely must listen to over and over... The SFX at 31", as djpretzel says, is a nice change from the classic choices for such things... I like how the Mix switches from the original tune at that point to a more "heavy-metal" style at that point, as well. Near the end, at 3'05, the guitar-riff sound marks a change from the ReMix material back to Original-type stuff, with the underlying bass from the Mix accompanying it as it fades from hearing. All in all, excellent ReMix, as other people have said, mazedude should make a few more from this game.
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