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  1. Wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow. And that would be the description of the context after i listened to this song. After reading DJP's review it made the song even better. One of the most heartfelt remixes i've ever heard and no more than "Wow" can describe it.If you're going to listen to this I'd suggest not resisting the urge for just sitting back, closing your eyes and, and having some sweet, quiet dreams
  2. DJP, you've most certainly done it again and serenaded us with on kick-ass remix. If that's you on the guitar, i'm impressed, if not, i'm still extrmely impessed. I like the new style, it makes it one of those remixes that stands out. Good job!
  3. It's perfectly synched and i love how it's funky, but strangely mellow at the same time. Keep it up and i'll keep listening
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