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  1. I echo this statement entirely.
  2. That's very good gaming music right there.
  3. I have between 6800 and 6900 songs. I only have 500 or so megabytes left in my iPod.
  4. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could anyone make a sig for me? It doesn't really matter which picture you use as long as it features Mimiru from .hack//sign. Thanks
  5. Call me Tasogare (or some version of that), and I've been listening to OC Remixes for a couple years now. I'm a teenage girl who happens to prefer talking about video games instead of hair and makeup. Long story short, I go to high school in a boring city in Northern California (boring if you've lived up here for over a decade). My favorite songs are pretty much ANY Donkey Kong Country remix, and a lot of Chrono Trigger ones. I'm also a fan of random anime/jpop songs, as well as Linkin Park, and obviously video game music. I hope I'm welcome in a not-so-perverted way, though I don't get much c
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