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  1. The main reason I think 2fort is bad is that no matter which route you take to the intel, you'll have to pass a point which is visible from the enemies' spawn room. Compare this to Turbine where the most direct route hardly comes near the spawns. Even the other ctf maps have alternate routes where you can dodge the spawns, though Well is just barely. Anyway, when you make your map, please at the very least add some good water areas. This is probably my biggest issue with most maps in general. In fact, if you made it so there was a water exit attached directly to the flag room, I think that could be very interesting.
  2. Keep cp_industrial, or rather, update to _b7. The only other maps there I'd consider keeping are koth_lighthouse and maybe pl_dbheights.
  3. I went ahead and added new screens to my server. http://nrg.gotdns.com/tf2/new/ All the old stuff is still in the parent folder.
  4. 'sup thread. http://nrg.gotdns.com/tf2/cp_well0027.jpg Actually, feel free to look at everything in http://nrg.gotdns.com/tf2/ since the majority of the shots are from OCR server.
  5. All this topic reminds me of is that virt did some Super Dodge Ball stuff a while back. He was planning a medley of the whole thing, but only ever finished U.S. All Stars and England (to my knowledge). I'd post the links but I don't remember them, and I don't think he wanted them publicized anyway. Which is too bad, because the US theme was arranged totally rockout guitar/drums orgyfest.
  6. OMGWTFOMFG. Okay, by the title I was only expecting Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone, but it just made my day when Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone appeared. The song meld well together, and personally I enjoyed the Hydrocity segments more, but all in all I consider this a keeper. Two thumbs up! (and to setzer: Yeah. It's Hydrocity, not Ice Cap. Surely you should be able to recognize Ice Cap by now to not get confused )
  7. Here's something for you to bode on. Imagine this song playing during a game of Goldeneye. Admit it. It sounds just right.
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