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  1. woooooooooooooo!!! I love that part! I like screamin' that really loud in the car (at the same pitch too.) and it weirds out the people next to me, this is a great homage to FeiLong as well as BruceLee. Loved every second of this remix.
  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Just listening to it just makes me want to play the game. Do you think you can do more FireEmblem (the fight song 'from SSBM' would be kickass). If you want I can get ya some audio bits of their speech. This Remix is a great start for FireEmblem Remixes, and I do hope that there are more to come soon.
  3. Hey, name's Mitaro. I like mostly old NES/SNES games along with any (and i do mean ANY) arcade games. I am an ace in StreetFighter III (as well as Alpha III). I want to learn to remix Sakura's theme, as well as a few songs from old NES games such as Kirby, Megaman, so on. If you are interested in talking or anything like that give me a PM. You want to know anything else about me I have yet to post?.. PM. I hope to be of value to the forums as well as the site. See you all around
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