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  1. as the street sharks would say: "Jawesome!" prety damn good in my opinion, im going to go rally around in the snow an listen to this while driving. keep it up! EDIT: ok after listening to this song several more time I realized that my last post simply doesn't do it justice... this is remix is AMAZING. what McVaffe has done with this already great track deserves some sort of award, there is literally nothing bad about this song, just 5:00 of perfection. congrats!
  2. About time we get a remix of this great game up. Congrats, this is a good one. Lets get some more SOE remixs on OCR ASAP (IMHO),ha LOL, OMG....(ok, someone kill me.)
  3. Ah yes, a great remix for an awesome game. Becareful if you drive to this song because it would be possible to completly zone out as it is so dream like! I the piano is so well put together that it sounds like rain. EXCELLENT!!
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