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  1. I know with IDM, there isn't suppossed to be a wrong way of making it so I'll just say this. I am really not feeling the synths you're using. Trying some other ones with the same notes see how it sounds. My biggest peeve is that drums are kinda too predictable(relatively). Try and screw them up some more. Try using the Apache break. I think breaking that apart for this track would sound better than the techy single hits you have now. Good luck bro.
  2. I have a dileemma. It would be awesome someone could help me out. Is there anyway you layer multiple fruity slicer channels? Whenever I try to use two or more sliced DnB loops, it find out that it would be easier if I could control both sliced loops with one channel. When I try to set up layer by setting one loop to C4 and the other C5, they end up being pitched up or down. Is there a way to stop this from happening or is there any other way of controlling multiple slicers with one channel without adverse effects?
  3. Hey does anybody know where I can find a solitary raindrop or a water droplet sound? I am making some RnB remixes and I need one. I have searched for a while online and on file sharing programs and I find one. I would be awesome if someone could help. Thanks. edit: Some good examples of what I am looking for is in the beginning of the "Fluss de Liebe" FF7-Lifestream ReMix that's here or if anybody listens to RnB, SWV made a song called "Rain" a little ways back that has exactly what I am looking for.
  4. Hey. I found some Final Fantasy soundfonts that have all the instruments and samples used in those games. I got the FF7 and FF8, so I was wondering if there any soundfonts for FF9+. I did a google search I didn't find out anything about any newer editions. If anybody has any info, please share. Also if any of this stuff old news, forgive me. Thanks.
  5. Very, very nice. A little repetitive like everyone else has already said but it is still topnotch. This will definitely be on the next CD I make. Keep up the good work.
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