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  1. A tiger, eh? ... Just any ol' tiger? I'll take a swing at it. Yeah, pretty much any tiger will do (as long as the pic isn't massive). Appreciate it. Though I do have a couple pics to use, I have no clue about changing their size and such. The ones I have are just a bit large. EDIT: Hope you haven't made any effort on this one yet, but my friend is giving me a bit of a crash course in this one. I think I'll try to make it myself. Sorry... EDIT2: Well its pretty simple, but what do you all think? Is it too big?
  2. Well, I've been around here for a while...figuring maybe I should get a sig. If someone could make me one...maybe something with, I dunno, a tiger let's say? That would be cool.
  3. The only boss I've been unable to defeat is really kinda pathetic... I could not, for the life of me, get past the part where Solidus strangles you in MGS2 on Extreme. I couldn't do it. I just gave up....after beating all those freaking Rays, it was pretty disappointing.