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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. Just thought I'd toss my two cents in here. I first have to say I'm glad Andreas decided to go with this version of the song. He asked me around the middle of last month if I could redo some rhythm tracks and bass tracks, try to do a few things different, etc. He never did let me hear how it turned out, but I can't see it being better than what we've made in such a short time. This mix was the most ambitious project in terms of the sheer lack of time we had to make it happen. In those 3 days we never stopped recording, right until the night before the mix was due, which Snapple diligently finished by not going to bed until about noon the next day, he's a hell of a guy. So anyway, I'm glad this kind of blood sweat and tears mix made it on, and you're all digging it so much. I look forward to collaborating with Snapple on the million of things we have planned and it will surely be the most badass music we'll put out. Thanks and keep rockin'.
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