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  1. Crewe, Cheshire, England.
  2. Well, see...Mario/Dr Mario I can't really see any difference between them, which is why I left them out. Roy is better than Marth, I have found...the AI like to gang up on you and jump all over you. Since Roy does more damage at close quarters this is good for you. Not to mention his uppercut does 5 or 6 strikes whereas Marth's does the one. I play as Marth when I go against my friend Rob, though...he has a habit of picking someone like Mario, hiding at the back and just hurling fireballs around. Marth countering the fireballs means you're more likely to get someone with the very tip of the bl
  3. I wouldn't boast the wonders of Rest...you have to be inside your enemy for it to have an effect and if it misses (which it almost invariably does) it leaves her open for getting KO'd (which, let's be honest, you could do by giving her a slightly suspicious glare)Young Link's additional speed isn't really handy unless you're playing keep-away...though considering it's an open warfare game I can't see why you would. I don't throw characters given how ineffective it is. It's much better to do attacks that do more damage. Like anything but a throw. Ganon does do more damage, but considering you
  4. I'm all for Roy. Him or Mr.Game&Watch. Something I never really got about the game is how the unlockable characters are often worse than the characters they're clones of. Jigglypuff is Kirby only without the moves that make Kirby worth having in the game, Young Link is Link without the reach, Ganon is Cap'n Falcon only even slower and clunkier and Luigi...well, I just don't like Luigi. And neither should you.
  5. Y'know, as much as some people complain about it I don't mind the use of music the film. I felt really happy when the main theme/hometown blasted through the surround speakers...I hadn't heard it played like that since Chris rigged his PS1 up to the projector and we played SH1 on the big screen. I also thought it was pretty badass when Tears of pain came through at the end. The only problem I had with it...is how I kept hearing "I'm looking for mama" and such during the film. or maybe that was my desperate need to substitute actual speech in for "Mew!" "Mew!" "Meow!" "Mrow!"
  6. So as I watched it...I'm sorry to say, but I spotted two continuity errors. For shame! SPOILZ!Cybil loads her gun when she locks herself in that room with Rose. Now that would give her 9 rounds of ammo (10 if you follow game physics) She only fires 3 (2 at Pyramid head, 1 into the air at the church)...but she's run out by the time she reaches Brookhaven. She didn't have chance or reason to fire 6/7 times between then and the hospital. Also, there's a tombstone in the graveyard outside the church that changes position. It says "John Grisham" (an actual author) and it's near the steps facing t
  7. That's because it was. The first draft of the script had an all-female cast. Only by tacking on Bean's section could it get the go ahead.
  8. I dunno about people clapping when Pyramid Head first appeared, but that bit when he did that thing to that woman...that mustered a "FUCK YEAH!" from the audience. My favourite part of the film was all of it. My least favourite part of the film was when I had to stay behind at the end and explain to the guy next to me what he'd just seen. That was not fun. I'm not entirely sure why Danna got credited for doing the music. As far as I could tell all of the music was ripped from SH 2, 3 and 4. Though some of it had a music box playing over the top...maybe that's what Danna did. Who knows? I d
  9. y'know, I have to say I was disappointed with the theme park in SH3. You could see the edge of the boards...that reeks of laziness.
  10. You make it sound like YOU won the various awards...
  11. It's a trap! They set it up so it's all wrong so that hardcore fans like yourself pay them to let you put it right.
  12. Or you know, success could depend on the quality of filmmaking combined with the fact that the world is actually getting a movie based on the Silent Hill games.Just like the Mario film was appreciated for its being a Mario film, am i rite
  13. You meet pyramid head 9 times throughout the game. Only two of these instances have more than one PH in the same place at the same time (the hotel and the bottom of the labyrinth). As for the names...the name in the strategy guide is Red Pyramid Thing. In the DVD that came with the game it's called Triangle Headed Monster. Also: http://home.comcast.net/~andydthorley/Tick.html In the game I'm working on there are three Silent Hill references currently...one of 'em is on that page. There's also a painting titled The Silent Hill and there's a skeleton with 21121 on his head. Hooray!
  14. I'm going to nod my head and pretend I understood what you just said. Then I'ma go on MSN and pester you for it.
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