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  1. What an amazing song, from such an amazing game. And yes, this music does play in Daventry, even though it's not really in the game - it plays as Graham is walking through the forest on his way home, shortly before he stumbles upon the giant gaping pit where Castle Daventry once was. But yes, I love this music just like I love the game, and it was a beautiful rendition. If you could work the sound of the brook/stream in the background, maybe with the birds chirping every so often, too, it'd be even more perfect. But yes, excellent work. I hope you'll do more work from King's Quest V, I loved a lot of that music. And, if you'd like requests or source mp3s from the game, I can hook you up there, too...
  2. Man, I love this game. I played it a lot when I was younger... I wish I still had the CD, or I could find some place to download it... It'd be pretty small. It'd also be cool to find a quality version of the soundtrack somewhere. But all in all, an excellent remix from an excellent game. ... and Shivers >>> Shivers 2
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