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  1. Just finished a cover of one of my favorite tracks from Gradius III. Stage 2 - Aqua Illusion. http://soundcloud.com/vicviper99/gradius-3-aqua-illusion-cover
  2. Just finished this cover of Starfox - Meteor. I think it came out pretty sweet. http://soundcloud.com/vicviper99/starfox-cover-meteor
  3. LOL, yeah the highs are killer now that you mention it. Thanks for listening though!
  4. Here's a recent remix I've been working on. I think the original Starfox SNES soundtrack is by far the best in the series! Source - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AcQzzK6PWY&feature=related Remix http://soundcloud.com/vicviper99/remix-starfox-macbeth
  5. Thanks for listening. To answer your question, no, I did not use a midi. I don't believe there's a good enough one out there anyway. I built it completely from scratch, and was careful to stay as close to the original as possible...I guess too close.
  6. Hey guys. Been a while since I've been to the site! I've always wanted to attempt a cover of several of the tunes from Contra III, but was always too intimidated. I've been working on this a while and am starting to wonder what people will think of it. I'm guessing most of you will think this is too close to the original, but the original is so sweet I'm finding it hard to reinterpret! The second verse currently has no melody as I'm trying to come up with something new as opposed to repeating it. Any feedback is welcome Source: Cover/Remix: http://soundcloud.com/vicviper99/wip-cover-contra-3-the-alien
  7. Great job man. Really excellent. I always felt that the original tune's guitar work was just a little too out of tune and this version improves on it entirely while maintaining the original structure. AWESOME.
  8. Hey all, just want to say thanks to those of you who provided feedback on my first (and only) OC Remix! Its great to be able to share my work with people who can appreciate it.
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