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  1. Quick question: is Eon_Blue going to finish this great cover or is someone else doing another one?
  2. Probably your size parameters are different from mine, so I'd better ask: which size would fit a 1.70m (5'7'' right?) thin guy (which, coincidentally, is me ( no...)) ? Man, these are getting sold like water in the desert...
  3. I listened to both Krispy and SnappleMan's songs, and both are really marvelous. Thank you. But this will not be the final version. I still got some velocities to fix in the midi, I'll post the new link here when it gets ready (I hope by the weekend or a few days later). I still don't know if I'm just correct what's wrong or play everything again to make it more natural... If anyone could give me a light...
  4. I noticed I gotta come here more frequently to know everybody a lot more. From this point of view, it really sucks to be a newbie, but you all had to go through this stage, right? I'm only aware fo each one's specific capabilities from what I just heard from you all. For better judgement, I suppose I gotta give everybody a chance, even because there a really huge probability of all of you being better than myself (I would give this chance to myself too, but I'll take two weeks, I think, to get my new PC). So, if Kanjika, Krispy, or anyone else want and could do me this big favor, here's the l
  5. I sent the MIDI to KFC already, but thank you, Kanjika and Krispy, anyway. Good to see we can count on a lot of people. That's the spirit of a site project!
  6. I do too but, now that you said, I think it is... EDIT: I just found it again in the net: http://www.pianosounds.com/freesoundfont.htm It`s a Steinway Model-C (7foot,5inch) grand piano.
  7. HELP :!: I just left the studio where I was going to record my piece, but their soundcard doesn't accept soundfonts... I need someone to do me a BIG favor: export my MIDI to MP3 with a soundfont, until Saturday (the deadline). Whoever has this spare time, just post here or e-mail me, and I will give the links to the MIDI and the soundfont (by the way, a marvelous Steinway soundfont). I really wanted to do it at home, but my soundcard is too old to accept the pedal changes of the MIDI. Thanks! P.S.: Unfortunately I will only answer tomorrow, 'cause I gotta study to Physics test.
  8. The big problem is not about this song, but having to use the studio every time I want to record any remix, since I'm slowly getting experience as time goes by (and I hope I start composing more too), even though I got lots of university things to do. If I could do it at home, I bet it would give much less headache.
  9. I found a studio yesterday where I could record my piano mix, so anybody who had to hear it won't have to worry anymore about the sound quality. It's a little expensive to use it, though, so I'm now looking for a software like the one I saw there. I believe it's a MIDI editor, but, unlike mine, this one allows changing dynamics and exporting to WAV. But that one is for Macintosh, and I'm looking for one for Windows. If anybody know anything that could help, just reply here: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=59339 If I can't get what I need, I guess I'll just pay and use the s
  10. Well, thank you very much. Actually I wasn't thinking of any of your comment when I was composing, I was just doing it as to make it the most different of the original and similar to a piano composition possible without losing its basic form. I really would like to comment on your mixes (you all) too, but I'm too inexperient, probably I'd say a lot of things but nobody would agree...
  11. Hey, Rexy, could you give me two hands, please? I listened these days to your S&K piano solo remix, Tomorrow`s Wake, and it`s so wonderful!! Could you comment on mine, please? And also, how did you record it? BTW, KFC, it`s so generous of you to put my mix on the middle line. I know something like that would never enter a serious project...
  12. So everybody needs to go to page 66 to get mine. Ivory Gadget, WIP #2: http://hetcenus.sitesled.com/IvoryGadgetWIP2.mp3 Still really low quality, sorry for that. I hope you all don't kick me out... although there were some problems I could've fixed, which I didn't because I had little time to record it (if anybody cares, calculus test coming up). Probably I'll make a better recording by the end of the week. OK, back to the discussion...
  13. Thank you for the comments. Actually, I tried to sound a little melancholic at the beginning. But the repetition in the middle is just that lack of creativity a talked about and on which I'm working now. But I thought, what's the problem? It's just a WIP it's not the final song. And I had to meet the deadline.
  14. I need help! The FTP I would upload my file to has been having trouble. Can anyone do it for me? E-mail me at hetcenus@yahoo.com.br and I'll send the file. Thank you. EDIT: Got it. Problem solved. Here's the file http://hetcenus.sitesled.com/IvoryGadgetWIP.mp3 As you see, the name of the song is Ivory Gadget. Guess why... Actually I thought of giving it a name like Hard-Yellowish-White-Substance-Used-In-Piano-Keys Gadget, but it would be too long. It's a piano-solo version of Chrome Gadget. Bad points: Low quality (I'm trying to do a better recording), I couldn't make the melody sound more
  15. I'm here just to say I didn't drop the project. But I'm waiting for my broadband internet and, till there, no connection at home. So, I'll be lucky if I upload my WIP till April 9th. Hope you don't kick me if I can't... It's already done, though I still think it needs more original material, since I've been lacking creativity since... when I was born . All I can say about it is: it's an almost 6 minutes long live piano solo remix. BTW, I don't know why, the quality of the recording is really low . Can anyone help me? And sorry, I'm not hearing the WIPs. It'll ruin the surprise...
  16. Thank you both for helping me. You still gotta teach me Internet English a lot more... Anyway, it's more or less what I had thought. I hope I upload a WIP by next week (although I still think it's a little weak)
  17. What exactly does WIP mean? I kind of deduced it from other topics, but I'd like to be sure? If it is what I think it is, I'm only waiting for a mic here. PS: I haven't come for more than a week, I think, so I lost 15 pages or so. I still didn't read them... due to 9600 bps connection at 1:00am.
  18. Although I think April 9th is a fine deadline for the WIP, maybe I won't be able to upload it. I have problems... I started university last Monday, in another city, going back and forth every day, I can only use the (crappy) internet on Sundays and daybreak, and I got real hardware trouble here... SOMEBODY HELP ME BTW, It's almost 6:00am here. Gotta go.
  19. Although I think April 9th is a fine deadline for the WIP, maybe I won't be able to upload it. I have problems... I started university last Monday, in another city, going back and forth every day, I can only use the (crappy) internet on Sundays and daybreak, and I got real hardware trouble here... SOMEBODY HELP ME BTW, It's almost 6:00am here. Gotta go.
  20. Since everybody is taking the songs, I would like to get one too. Let me try Chrome Gadget, OK? And I think we forgot a track on the list. Since Lava Reef Zone has two very different OST's (and the LRZ Act 2 is exactly like Hidden Palace Zone), we should consider two tracks for them.
  21. Just started downloading: Speed in KB/sec: 1.5, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4... That's life BTW, I don't know if you guys realized when counting tracks for S3&K, but the OST's for both acts of a same zone could be considered as only one, since they're only variations of one another...
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