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  1. I've heard this back when it was posted at the WIP forums, and it sure has its place on my "Golden List". Very cool, well done, marvelous singing and lyrics, just awesome! Sandopolis: "This sea of sand" Ice Cap: "Bed of snow" Hidden Palace: "In our hideaway" (I guess...)
  2. Actually, me + Rexy, Xenon Odyssey and Geoff Taucer were competing for the unclaimed one, and Snapple told me yesterday that we got the track. But you know how lazy he is to update the first page...
  3. Oh, hell... Well, I hope you get better, man. And quickly, we need those lots of asses and bitches. Snapple's only are not enough.
  4. Okay, you won. I'm on vacation till March.... Anyway, I've started Lava Reef yesterday and, unexpectedly, it developed really fast. I hope to finish it tomorrow. And in case you are able to work on it: wouldn't it be better if you added your touch to the piece (like a revision of an arrangement) instead of a two-pianos composition?
  5. Lava Reef for two pianos, anyone? If that idea does go ahead I'll let Het start, considering my week is swamped enough as it is. Yeah, I'd very pleased to collab with Rexy, if my track from HER project weren't pissing me off... can't just go much further on it... Were you all serious about this???????
  6. Dr. Fruitcake's "Mario's Tropical Paradise kLuTz's MIDIs Bladiator also has sheet music for Grand Valse Mario somewhere, if I can remember, on Doulifee's domain.
  7. If you meant Miles Prower, for me it's orange and white. And I meant the musician fox...
  8. OK, buddy, it's almost 1:00 am now, and I'm here just to listen to this. If I get disappointed I'm afraid I'll have to take three buses just to go to your place and kill you reallllly slowly... Jokes apart, I'd like to analyze this from the technical aspect and stuff like that, but I lack the knowledge for it. So let just the Sonic-fan-who-likes-mixes version of myself talk: Damn crazy man!!!! Lots things mixed up together and one of the coolest songs ever!!! Just gotta listen again!!! Does anything fail in there??? I GUESS NOT! It just could be here... Jokes again, you're safe, man. And I
  9. More?? Those were far more than enough... There are actually TOO many options, but in the end I'll probably just use them as inspiration. BIG thanks! Before anyone asks: no, I WON'T get my inspiration from "Ice Crap"... (too many capitals on this post...)
  10. I think two of analoq's tracks were right on the previous version. 8th is Next My Generation from Metropolis Zone, and 19th is Sonik Caves from Mystic Cave Race. Or did he change the names after??
  11. Right. I believe the project is bigger than anyone involved with it individually, actually it is the same size of we all together. So it simply WON'T get flushed.
  12. Yeah, right. I'd completely forgotten about that. But for me it looked like that he actually left for having not enough time due to his Chemical Engineering Masters.
  13. I just noticed, what happened to foxhound? He isn't doing Desert Palace anymore... EDIT: Also AkumajoBelmont isn't working with GeckoYamori anymore. And S|r NutS just left. I hope that's all...
  14. It's to avoid such trouble that I asked the question on my previous post. Can anyone answer please? It's really, not an easy question to answer. One person's XL is another persons Medium. REally, go to the local (insert clothing store here), and try on t-shirts or hoodies in various sizes. The size that works there, is the size you should order. I"m not trying to pass the buck or sound rude, but me giving advice on what clothing size will fit someone, is like... well, a car mechanic giving advice on where the good spots in town for dining are. Not a good combination. Problem is, I'm
  15. It's to avoid such trouble that I asked the question on my previous post. Can anyone answer please?
  16. You all know who made this, don't you? Be prepared for his rage... Seriously now, these titles are awesome, but does anyone have any idea that is more suitable for a piano solo song? That's what I'm looking for...
  17. OMG!!! Titles!! Titles!! I forgot to mention: I was talking to Red Tailed Fox the other day and he gave me the BEST title, I won't use it 'cause "someone" already used... SONATA ARCTICA!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!
  18. Oh sure! The most, the best! But that one has to be finished. I hope he doesn't give up! Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for the Ice Cap remix title. Current options: by myself: Her Crystal Throne by jmr: Icy Tears, Atop the Frozen Mountain, Frosty Peak, Frost Peak Any ideas are REALLY welcome, even though I tend to choose mine, cause... well... I had the idea (yeah KFC, Snapple, though it sux for U2, I still think it`s not that bad). But I`m sure there will be better names, so please take your shots everyone. Pleeeease!
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