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  1. They've discussed those deletions in the end of last year... when I noticed the pages were gone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Hedgehog_Heaven EDIT: Fixed plural.
  2. Well, I don't know if I was one of these people, as I had asked for a 1-week extension... either way, I'm dropping the project, since I've got little to no ideas with these source tunes. I'll still keep an eye on the thread, and be waiting anxiously for the released, though.
  3. Coincidentally or not, I'm involved in both of them... hehe... And before anyone says, no, I'm not offended, I respect personal opinions.
  4. The last time I saw spire's cover art, it still had the non-final track names for Kanjika's tracks, and I don't know if hobo's version is still around. In case any of them has made a final version, I think everyone would appreciate if they posted them here. I guess it's better to wait for that, so we don't waste time uploading an outdated version. EDIT: I've just uploaded the logo from the front page of the website... at least it's better than the game logo... Also, which one is the "official" one? (if not both)
  5. Done listening! IT'S AWESOME. Thanks guys! My top three (not necessarily in order): Dead Batteries, The Secluded Stronghold, Schumacher's Bar.
  6. I guess not... just not have downloaded all of them. I also have dialup, so I only finished downloading earlier today, but I'm not at home now, so I can't listen to them... damn...
  7. Is it me or there are at least 3 sentences in this message? Anyway, there are instructions all over this thread. Nope, there's only one, since there's no punctuation... ¬¬ Anyway, I'd like to claim my OCRemix sponsored "Last Project Chaos Member to Download Project Chaos" award. Listening to it later today...
  8. Taking a shot on GSC National Park the next couple o' days...
  9. I'm so glad it didn't go unnoticed, as it usually is on the original. One more to go!
  10. I think there are links to it on the end pages of the last history thread... in case they aren't there, just contact Spire...
  11. I didn't want to erase all that other stuff I wrote. It took a long time to type out, you know. Sorry, didn't notice that... XD
  12. What about updating the forum link on the first page too?
  13. Kevin Stephens posted his sheet music for Etude in Piano in F# Minor. It should be added to the main list. Link
  14. Hey... Long time no see... Just confirming I'm still in, and I'm having holidays next week, so I might start doing something. But last time I tried (which was couple months ago XD) I got no ideas at all, so if that happens again, I will either look for a collab or drop the project... I might lack the time, but not the will. Plz, any suggestions for piano-fitting source?
  15. 26 pages... Wow!!! Anyway, I hope there are still free spots by the time I get some free time... For now... GO GO GO!!
  16. Good idea! But... why doesn't this forum appear on the community->forums menu?
  17. Damn it leaked!! Apart than that... I meant that he is developing a tool that is able to interface itself with Sonic 3 & Knuckles, since its sound engine is different than Sonic 2's. And the goal of the new tool is to be used with Project Chaos mp3s. I hope this is better now Yeah, I know... I asked him to do it But it was supposed to be a secret, to be revealed on the release date... BTW, is this now the new official Project Chaos discussion thread?
  18. No, it hasn't. I'm sure. Finally some activity in this thread... And I WIN!!! Also, lol at these thread XD
  19. Yes, I know. And your point is? I think it has already been posted in these thread, I guess...
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