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  1. Well, I did watch it 5 feet away from one of the bigger screen theaters due getting there a little late. It's really not that bad, the producers will push the limit on this technicality sure, but they will not go as far as inducing vomiting on purpose, it's bad for business. BTW, awesome movie definitely watch it at the theater.
  2. May I suggest the post above? Very good IDM
  3. Agreed. It was pretty solid. I don't find much coherence in his last album. But should probably give it some more listens before I give a verdict.
  4. There aren't that many alternatives to iTunes for some iPod users. For example, ephpod stopped their support after v2.77 making it useless for new generation iPods. That being said, if you have to use a mediocre piece of software to get your device to work the way you want it, so be it. Not to sound cliché or anything: don't hate on the player hate the game.
  5. Fix'd for meeeee. Even though I don't like playing w/ music this is an exception.
  6. Lovely, very nice arrangement. I especially loved the piano parts. Also, the recording was a bit muffled as someone already mentioned. I give it a
  7. What can I say, beautiful song. Reminiscent of the romantic piano concertos.
  8. Thanks for this great remix po! This is nothing short of remarkable. Great beat to an already famous melody. 5/5 rainbows!.
  9. I have never heard the original song, but since i saw Scriabin in the title i decided to give it a shot. It's a really good variation of Scriabin's Etude in D sharp minor. And yes, Vladimir Horowitz's interpretation is remarkable. Good work MC.
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