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  1. FF6 has been launched.

    FF9 you are on the clock!

    But...with the insanity that FF6 turned out...It would not surprise me if that release sets this project back 2 years...everyone just redoing EVERYTHING. >.<

    P.S. Please for the love of god dont do that.

    P.P.S. Unless you're the Hannibal Smith of Music.

    P.P.P.S. This website rules. :)

  2. [21:04] <Bahamut> kristi posted this earlier btw: Nobuo Uematsu on Jake's arrangement: "I was shocked! I have to buy a glass of beer for this guy!"

    [21:04] <Bahamut> on fb

    [21:05] <@Liontamer> yeah, Don Kotowski from SEMO shared it with Uematsu, and that was his reaction to Impresario

    I want pics of that meetup. Seriously.

    I know everybody already said that this equals, if not surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody, but it cannot be said enough. I get goosebumps every time I listen to this. This mix has single handidly raised the quality of OC ReMixes by massive heights. It's going to be a LONG time before somebody can top this. Awesome work!

    Do not bet the farm that this can not be topped. I'm hearing a lot of people saying 'Game Over'

    I have been continually amazed by this website and the lengths its remixers go. And there are Three or Four tracks in the FF9 album (which i expect in the fall) That have the raw POTENTIAL to turn these opinions on their head. A few to keep in mind.

    Disc 2

    Cid's Theme - CLAIMED BY XPRTNovice (who just kicked face in FF6.)

    Lindblum - CLAIMED BY Another Soundscape (Something says this one's gonna be special)

    A Face Unforgotten - CLAIMED BY katethegreat19 We have now three truly AWESOME female vocalists on this website. This is one of those three.

    Disc 4

    You're Not Alone! - CLAIMED BY Josh Whelchel / Poolside

    Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy - CLAIMED BY Jovette Rivera / Isao

    The only thing i can hope for is that no one scraps their work for FF9 based on the bar FF6 just set.

    The entire Opera Suite was truly awesome and listening to these three together is an experience in and of itself.

  3. The capstone track of this for me was the Opera's Aria. It was the track i was the most concerned for and the one i wanted to hear more than any other. And this thing is packed with top quality sound.

    I'm honestly crying a bit as i type this because my birthday is tomorrow. And to hear that track is a fulfilled request. One i had made ages ago. It took a long time. But it finally happened...and it is beyond description.

    I've listened to a bunch and there's just more than i can say. This is just too good for words.

    My ipod will NEVER be without these songs. Nor my cellphone for that matter.

    Thank you OCR. A day early but a better birthday gift i never could receive.

  4. Aight, for reals, everyone...

    Y'all know its coming. No matter when you shower, or shave, or go to school, or yell at your shoes, it'll still be coming. What time you hit up the toilet or go swimming with a dolphin won't affect anything that's going on on the backend.

    Sit tight. Or stand loose. Or bungie jump naked. FF6 will still be coming out when it comes out. Which is soon. Very soon.

    Enjoy the anticipation while you can. For a smart man once said that the anticipation for something is often more rewarding and exciting than the thing itself. Honestly, I think Captain Picard might have said it but whatevs.

    Often...does not apply to the 40th album by OCR and by far their single biggest project EVER.

  5. Wow what a nice trailer that was seriously. Can't wait to inject my speakers with what you guys came up with, dim the lights and have a little drink, eyes closed ears opened.

    Good job ! And finally, the opera scene, for Real... that's the cake!

    They did the opera?

    Oh my lord.....

    That has to be the single most challenging product of the album. Only two voices in OCR on the female side i'd want on that (so far. If there's a kick ass third we'll find out!) Not so sure about any of the male voices.

    If there was a track out of there i wanted remixed it was that one. We're in dream come true or shattered dream territory with that song.

    Now does my birthday come a day early (as in this launches on monday...) or right on time (tuesday) i'm going to enjoy the wait...somewhat :D

  6. Oh please don't turn this into a Master Race argument.

    Naaaahhh like i said if i had to choose a console its PS4 but my needs are different. I'm just pointing out the pitfalls.

    I'm about done on the console topic to be honest. When conspiracy theory behind the xbone was proven FACT i was set in my ways.

    I'm actually more concerned about the death of Television as most people know it. Its closer than people think.

  7. It appears that Microsoft is requiring all Xbone games to tie into their no-used-games system, whereas PS4 is allowing developers to do that if they want. Should a developer not want to participate in that system, then the PS4 version will be DRM-free but the Xbone version will still be restricted to your account.

    The hell does that have to do with anything?

    building your system around the ability to play cable through the console is pretty dumb when cable is kind of dying out to netflix, hulu etc

    He's got it.

    Cable is either going to be forced to Ala Carte pricing or its going to be blown out of the water. I've calced my YEARLY costs with what i'm considering. The magic number? 793.80 That's yearly subs for EVERYTHING including my projected ISP costs.

    Currently where i live right now. Cable Internet Phone runs me TWO HUNDRED PER MONTH OR 2400 per year. And i dont get ANY fun stuff. No premium channels no all time movies (gotta pay for those!) no extended news coverage. Nothin. Basic Cable phone and internet runs THAT MUCH in PA.

    Phone costs are about 100 on my cell. So if i factor that in 1200 give or take i STILL come out to 500 bucks lower than my current. MORE if i shift plans when the time comes.

    The PS4 and the Xbox are solid systems but have a fatal flaw. They're not PC's. They work primarily off the TV though the line between TV and monitor is blurring. I get better security in my PC. Modability when i CHOOSE to. Multi monitoring instead of one big one sleeker controls and a system that WORKS.

    Its all about choice and if someone's smart and is doing this the right way. The choice between the standard package and something different is very stark. Why would i want a PS 4 or Xbone

    Exclusivity? That hasn't mattered to me in a very long time. The quality of exclusives has been LOW especially on favored franchises outside of Metal Gear.

    Everything a Console can do now a PC could do first and can STILL do better and be more secure. Cable's death just made it significantly clearer how real that is.

  8. So a friend of mine brought up a nice point. He said that he doubts that any company's game will work differently on either system. He means that the developers will program whether a game will work one another system once it's tied to an account. The developers probably won't intentionally make it so that their used games work on PS4 and not on Xbone. So really Sony is doing nothing different from Microsoft in that one regard.

    Of course the price and the DRM situation still make PS4 my system of choice this coming generation. But what do you guys think of that?

    For me its the privacy issues. But TBH cable's dead it just doesnt know it yet. And with it my need for a console. I can do everything i require from a properly equipped PC. PS4's bound to be fun and if i were getting a console it would be the one. Buuuut for me it's redundant.

    How is cable dead?

    You need two sources for entertainment off the web. Netflix and Hulu+. With that pairing and those vast libraries you have no problem whatsoever with finding good things to watch. The hot new shows? They're out online within 24 hours. Even HBO is experimenting with making its HBOGO service a sub service. Plus Itunes. As for news: You can access every website and at times get their live stream when it comes to news. If you want sports everyone's beginning to adopt their own pure online only packages. NFL's got a sweet one it isnt live but you cant have everything.

    I've done the math and checked based on my needs. I only need an internet connection and a PC capable of a few extra things that my current is not. :)

    I might spend much more on the PC than the console but I will have multiple monitors, better specs, and the ability to watch what i want when i want without waiting on anyone...i win :)

  9. http://www.engadget.com/2013/06/12/don-mattrick-xbox-360-offline/?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=Feed_Classic&utm_campaign=Engadget

    So this happened. Microsoft is sending a message. "You may fight for our freedom military, but you aren't good enough to relax with our product if you are downrange in a desert or sub."

    Why would they want big brother in their house anyway?

    Microsoft is Pro Spying Pro dumbed down citizens (common core) and Anti Citizen if some of the MS disasters are any barometer to go by.

    PS4 is the winner of this round before the war even BEGINS.

  10. I'm skeptical of Sony's claims about DRM. Remember how Sony jumped up and down about Linux running on PS3? And then how they crushed Geohot for....enabling his PS3 to run Linux?

    I think those decisions got made very close to the announcement date waiting to see if they wanted to go along with or counterpunch XBox. Between the scandals in DC and everything that's happened over the past few months I think that decision on the PS4 was made for MAXIMUM impact against Microsoft.

    They're going to go through with it. If for no other reason than what the Prism...sorry XboxOne has already advertised. They really chose the wrong MONTH to go live with what the xboxone was going to allow and its going to HURT microsoft.

  11. I am looking forward to seeing the rationalization gamers are going to give for buying the most anti-consumer console ever conceived.

    I posted on page 37 my own concerns. Give it a look. :)

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