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  1. Yeah, good point. One decision remains, though- I could easily buy these, or just barely afford the HD-280s. Damn, not being rich sucks. :/
  2. The PX-100s can be had for a low as ~ $30 on eBay... Are they actually still good at that price? I mean, usually you get what you pay for, and it just seems like a reeaally sweet deal...
  3. I'm probably just gonna go with the 4Gb model. $180, and after completely combed my music collection I only found a maximum of 3.18Gb that I'd actually wanna listen to on the go, and that's assuming I'll keep all the complete albums I plan to throw on it, which I don't think I will. If worst comes to worst, I can always buy a Mini-SD card to expand it. :3 Now to figure out how to keep my playlists or figure out a way to easily make custom (not just a single folder) playlists for it.
  4. I'm considering one of these. At a loss as to which size to choose, as while I have around 15Gb of music, I don't think I really listen to all of it. Maybe one of these days I'll have to copy just what I listen to into another folder and see how big it is. Buying a nicer pair of headphones might be a worthier investment than going that extra two or four gigs.
  5. Thanks for the advice, guys. Once my debtor gets his paycheck I'll actually have the option to buy one of these suckers.
  6. I'll soon have $150 to spend on an MP3 player. Preferrably flash-based to avoid skipping. Anyone have opinions on certain MP3 players they'd like to share? And, uh, can these things play .m3u or other playlist files?
  7. http://www.svc.com/gc6dvi2.html Muchas gracias
  8. Where's a place I can get a cheap DVI cable? My monitor has a jack for it in the back (it has dual inputs, one VGA and one DVI), but I don't know what kind of cable to get. :/
  9. I know. :/ Justed wanted to make sure it's not a completely terrible idea. Henceforth, my Gamertag shall be || Strykr ||. So let it be written, so let it be done.
  10. Or Lt. Sgt Strykr. Or Cpl. Sgt Strykr. Or Pvt. Sgt Strykr. :/ ...Just answer the damn question. ;_; Is "|| Strykr ||" awesome enough for me?
  11. "Sgt Strykr" or "|| Strykr ||"? I'm considering changing my Gamertag to something that isn't shooter-specific, and won't look silly when used with games that have a ranking system, like Halo 3. Your thoughts?
  12. Charlieeee! Come with us to Candy Mountain! It's a magical leoplurodon, Charlie!
  13. Bungie's also confirmed that the new Halo 2 maps won't be free, according to Microsoft. :/
  14. So yeah, I just got a 360. :3 it is not letting me download the maptacular pack at the moment though so bear with me
  15. Yeah, they were down. Oh, and sorry for not being on much... at all... I think I'll be able to find more time to play with you guys now that school's coming up, and my days will be more organized. I hope. :/
  16. Bastards won't stay away from my mom's bird feeder. Not my fault. Just an airgun, btw. No actual shooting.
  17. Or, in the case of the RL, do a jump-melee, and instantly kill someone. Melee also works for this trick. I'm more interested in that double-nade technique. Perhaps you could explain it? Or even provide a link to where you found that technique? There is some great stuff here. It should be required reading/watching for all clan members. :3
  18. The main trick I use, and try to teach to everyone I play with (in person, anyway), is that you can switch weapons as soon as you put a new magazine in when reloading, and it still counts as a full reload. You can reload two different weapons pretty quickly this way. For example, with the rocket launcher, as soon as you see the Chief slam the new rocket pack into the launcher, switch to another weapon, and you save yourself a few seconds. :3
  19. Lazy and Icy told me about them. Man, I wish I coulda been there... Unfortunately for you guys, Saving Private Ryan and a good episode of Cowboy Bebop were on. And, um, I was kinda grounded.
  20. Stupid router. Stupid stupid. Sorry, ya'll. It wasn't my fault.
  21. Figures, 5 friends online and I'm behind on school. Oh well. Oh, and yes, I will be buying both a 360 and Halo 3. So ya'll can be sure of a Halo 3 Team OCReMix.
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