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  1. My senior in Theatre Studies and Drama has her A-level individual skill component to finish, and she needs some music to go with a fight scene. As her partner (and "father" in the piece, ironically), I figure I'd take it upon myself to find something other than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for her to use. Seeing as she's doing an adaptation of Mu Lan, it'd preferably be more oriental-sounding, and not like the stuff we've already weeded out, like 300 or Gladiator (which, while awesome, aren't quite appropriate). It doesn't have to be very epic or anything, since the piece she's choreographing is a duel between two combatants, but it just needs to be instrumental. It can be an OCReMix or anything of the sort. I'm pretty sure our teacher won't mind. Or rather, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. The exact same thing happened to my party yesterday! XD On another note, does anyone have a crapload of trouble just trying to get a dedicated server game started? I have tried over 10 times to get a server among my friends and nothing's worked so far. Plus there's no server list (not that I know of) and most of the time when you play "Quick Game" you end up playing with random people; most of the time idiots who get too far away from the group, get pounced on by a Hunter and promptly die because you can't reach them in time.
  3. Thought I'd give a link to the sample tracks online. http://translate.google.nl/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.psfocus.nl%2F2_2327_Mirror_s_Edge_soundtrack_te_downloaden.aspx&sl=nl&tl=en&hl=nl&ie=UTF-8 EDIT: Oh, wow, I finally hit Snacks N' Jaxson. o_O Shows how little I actually post.
  4. Actually I thought the idea of the typos was to give the crew a more human side, because, you know, typos are an everyday thing (and I assume it'd be the same for logkeeping).
  5. I'll try my best not to spoil too much, but ok: Gosh, I loved that. One of the best things I've read in ages. Masterfully written, with a sense of detachment to it (due to there being no actual fixed narrator) that helps build up the aura of mystery. Despite the final events having no definitive narrative, the log was actually far more effective in detailing the events than actually having a descriptive writing style; the sense of the unknown helping emphasise the panic and boost the sense of desperation. The soundtrack was very appropriate, I thought. Slightly repetitive, admittedly, but it helped me to visualise what was actually going on; a ship cruising through the obsidian ocean, dotted with pinpricks of light and swirling nebulae, the inner turmoil unrevealed. And once you read the final scene, everything just becomes so much more poignant with the music in the background. Absolutely fantastic. Commence the pimpage.
  6. Hard-wiring my brain not to sight-read and play purely by memory. You could put a sheet of extremely simple music in front of me and I wouldn't know what to do. I can't read notation, timing, performance directions... you name it, and I can't do it.
  7. Yay, I'm glad you guys liked it. I'll try to get some better performances up, when I can find some time and a suitable camera.
  8. I'd rather not say, because it's really quite embarrassing, but I'm 16. I've been playing piano for eight years. I just started on those pieces this year, though.
  9. Agh! Finally uploaded. YouTube is so slow at night it's not funny. http://www.youtube.com/user/sgtfuzzy I'm still beating myself up over screwing up most of my songs. It's tough to let it go. I guess I can always take solace in the fact that there are bigger things in life to screw up in, eh? Oh, and the second section of Rainbow Snowland is up, Dhsu, if you want to have a look.
  10. Admittedly, it's not my junior recital or anything, just a bunch of students my teacher teaches gathered at my house the other day to have a recital of sorts. We had to play 4 songs, and naturally I picked remixes for all of them. My teacher took videos. Dammit. With my camera. Watch from the bottom. http://vupload.facebook.com/video/?id=656490028 I apologise sincerely to DarkeSword, bladiator and Dhsu for mutilating Blue Skies Over Guardia, Chopinesque Kirby (especially this), Grand Valse Mario and Rainbow Snowland. Enjoy, nonetheless. I'll probably get proper recordings of non-screwed up performances some other time. ... I was nervous, all right? I was expected to play the best because I was the one who'd studied piano for the longest time, out of all of them.
  11. I've had so many usernames it's hard to keep track, because most of them were in a phase where my adolescence made me think friggin' everything was cool. Uhm. My current one is from Halo PC, where a friend and I started up a clan called Clan Fuzzy, where everyone would have a name with the suffix Fuzzy. I was going for Generally Fuzzy or Extremely Fuzzy at first, but I eventually just picked plain old Sgt. Fuzzy, which everyone seemed to like. Clan Fuzzy has since been disbanded without much aplomb, but a few of my friends and I still keep our names. I was also once MagnaRave, because there was this attack, Magna Rave, from Evolution Worlds. A crappy game in all respects, but the move was so obscenely powerful I was obsessed with it. Yeah. Kesenai or KesenaiTsumi came from Fullmetal Alchemist, where in that context kesenai tsumi means unforgivable sin. I eventually just went with Kesenai, because without the suffix it means inerasable, which is pretty cool for a Counter-Strike name. Sucked at CS though. Still do. Don't ask about Spirit Dragon, I was 10 and I made the name on a misguided whim. It sounded so awesome in theory, all right?
  12. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade; Davian Thule's speech in the defense of North Vandea. Good stuff.
  13. I cried myself to sleep knowing that I'll never be that good. Seriously though, I thought the Christmas Improv and the Patriotic Improv were frickin' awesome, then I saw the second half of the Mario Bros. Improv. I'm still trying to scoop my brains back into my head after seeing the HOLY $%#&! that was your right hand.
  14. A candy cane, which actually is the most I've gotten in years.
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